Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nicki Hilton for The Coveteur

We all know Paris Hilton's fashion choices are a bit on the "umm..?" side, but Nicki definitely has her style to a tee. Despite her go-to skinny jeans, ballet flats, a blazer, and a good handbag style, the other Hilton sister has impeccable taste; just look at her vast collection of Balenciaga bags, addiction to anything Hermes, and love for anything bright, patterned, Hello Kitty, or CHANEL. Not only does she have a closet worth dying for, but Nicki also had the opportunity to meet President Obama. Like the Coveteur says, "Fashion and political royalty at it’s best. It doesn’t get much better…"
nickicovf3 Nicky_Hilton-28-full nickicovf4 Nicky_Hilton-14-full nickicovf1 nickicovf2 Nicky_Hilton-01-full

From: The Coveteur.

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  1. oh I totally love that closet!!