Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home Inspiration pt. 1

I can't help but research amazingly beautiful homes. Hermes orange accents, green chairs, black walls, viviidly purple orchids, and a bookshelf/bar?! The interior design screams my name. It's chic and simple. I used to be very one note in my decorating; beige and black pillows/bed sheets, black coffee tables, black frames, etc. Now I'm slowly becoming more daring in my pieces, especially in my decorations. I love a good quirky piece and those coffee tables posted here are so McQueen I WANT EM. I really need to find some Hermes organe pieces, because those are great pops of color in my usually boring monochromatic scheme of things. I also plan on investing a lot into art work. I think a good wall covered in paintings would be lovely...
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From: Fromme- toyou.

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