Sunday, December 9, 2012

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Ricardo Tisci can do NO wrong. I love his street chic, gangsta aesthetic. Clearly a staple for all cool kids who can afford anything Givenchy. I love the mix of plaid and mixed media of the clothes. I would love to invest in a great pair of leather pants too. Although I love the rottweiler, I kind of like the doberman in this collection... But for now, I've still got my eye on a nightingale.

Photos from The Fashionisto.

Beyonce & Solange Knowles

I'm sure I'm one of millions who absolutely LOVE anything and everything Beyonce and Solange Knowles. Beyonce's tumblr and Solange's blog are soooo good that all I do on a daily basis is stalk them and I NEVER get tired of it. Let's be real, who does?! Oh and I loved Jay Z's Where I'm From documentary below, check it out.
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Karlie Kloss & Sean O’Pry for M Le Monde Dec 2012 "Le mélange des genres"

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Photos from Before You Kill Us All.

Anne Hathaway at The Premiere of Les Miserables

Anne Hathaway, like my favorite's Emma Stone & Zoe Saldana, always gets it right when walking the red carpet for an event. For example, Anne SHUTS IT DOWN here in Givenchy Haute Couture for the premiere of her movie Les Miserables. Kudos team Zoe. Bravo!

Liuk Bass for Tendencias Magazine

MaquetaciÛn 1
While the temperature here in New York started dwindling down week after week, I've become more aware of how much my wardrobe lacked the appropriate winter attire. I've started to buy thermals, down puffers coats, and beanies... While I personally have to suffer through the blaring winds and ice cold temperature, my ensembles surely don't have to. I've recently joined the gym and have been wanting to buy more "active" weather appropriate clothing like leggings, colorful sneakers/trainers, fur hooded anoraks, and logo sweatshirts. I've also become addicted to watching the New York Knicks, and I've got a few snapbacks in mind. :)Let's see what I can scramble together, in the meantime, I thought this editorial pretty much summed up what I was thinking...
MaquetaciÛn 1MaquetaciÛn 1 MaquetaciÛn 1 MaquetaciÛn 1

Photos from Before You Kill Us All.

Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell for Interview Germany Dec/Jan 2012/13

For Interview Germany's Dec/Jan cover and main editorial, supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell grace the pages in pure fashion perfection. THE British supermodels were shot by Mert & Marcus and clearly the results were outstanding with the two in front of the camera. Both Naomi and Kate have the whole effortless beauty about them, which makes them so versatile in my opinion and I guess that's what makes them supermodels; it's pure genes. I love the black and white, ebony and ivory concept. Simple, yet so chic.
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Photos from Before You Kill Us All.