Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Paris Update

I'm currently sitting on a bench in a beautiful garden I just discovered outside my apartment. I actually stumbled upon it as I was walking to church this morning. As a catholic, I felt like it would be a good experience for me to attend mass here and luckily there was St. Justin church down the street.

It was definitely an out of body experience for me. It was weird to be somewhere so familiar yet so different at the same time since I couldn't understand what the priest was saying. But what I do know was that the whole procession was beautiful. The singing was amazing and the medieval architecture made me feel like I was attending mass in the late 1800's.

Right now I am waiting for my friend Alli to let me knw when she's on her way to the metro to visit the flea markets. I'm on a hunt for some vintage finds as well as jewelry for my sister. Hopefully I'll find some great things! Later tonight I plan on visiting Sacre Coure as well as the Moulin Rouge! I tried to as much homework as I could last night so that I could have a free day today but I will definitely have some work cut out for me tonight.

Later this week, I have Switzerland to look forward to! I'm super excited to go canyoning! I have Nice the week after and the beach is calling my name! The week after that is finals week and I'm not looking forward to that at all. I can't believe everything is happening so fast! I practically have three weeks until I go back home to the states. All I know is now I have to soak everything up and just live life. Europe thus far has been too kind to me and I don't want to leave!!

Super excited for Italy once the program is done! =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Europe part one

I can't believe three weeks has already blown by! Paris has been so amazing, that while in Amsterdam, I actually got France-sick! I am currently leaving Amsterdam, which is unfortunate with the world cup's final game tonight with Holland in the running!

I left for Amsterdam with my friends around 6am on Friday morning and arrived in the beautiful city around noon. We first took a cab to our hostel. I have never stayed in a hostel and as gross as the sheets where, it wasn't too bad. My friends and I stayed at Euphemia Hotel, which pretty much consisted of young college students and ended up being a ton of fun. We then took a walk around the area and found that the Van Gogh museum was near, so we decided to go. I was super happy with the museum and excited to learn about Van Gogh. He definitely is an interesting person and amazing artist. I enjoyed it so much I bought a little painting for my room. Later on in the day visit a little "coffeshop," where they sold marijuana. It was definitely an interesting experience. We then ate at a local Thai restaurant, which had amazing tom yum soup and amazing pad thai! Ill try and post pictures soon!

The second day started with us getting ready for a bike tour, which was also super fun! We got to see everything on bikes from the Anne Frank house to the Skinny Bridge. It was fascinating to see all the canals and windmills, and Hieniken signs! It was very hot this weekend, so the breeze from riding our bikes was much needed. After that we decided to get some lunch. Ended up having a chicken "hamburger," since they only offered veggie or chicken patties. Lame. We then decided to shop a little at H&M. Bought a cute black long sleeve sheer button up for my sister. We also decided to go to a park and have a little green. Later on in the day we went to a local grocery to get some dinner. After taking a small nap afterwards we got ready to go out to the red light district, but it started to storm halfway there!!

I will never forget the stormy weather we had while walking to the red light district which we ended up not going to. I was pretty much drenched head to toe as was all my friends! But it was definitely an experience and so refreshing given the hot heat. We ended up watching Eclipse in our wet clothes. The movie was so so, I enjoyed New Moom more, but hopefully the fourth part one will be better.

Today, we decided to have breakfast and pancakes since Amsterdam is pretty well known for their pancakes. I decided to get a strawberry waffle and it was heaven. We then took photos with some monuments and such. We then decided to take a canal tour around to get a further look into the Anne Frank house and the infamous red light district. It was amazing to actually see the Anne Frank house! It was a bit erie, but it was definitely an experience. It seems a bit unreal, when history is literally in front of you. The red light district was also an experience I will never forget! All these girls practically in their underwear in the windows displaying themselves to the public. Unfortunately, we were unable to take photos of the prostitutes given their laws, but let's just say it was....different. Haha

I am curently on the train back to Paris and I am super excited for Chartres and Versailles! I am also super excited to hang out with my French brothers here during Bastille day on Tuesday night and Wednesday! I am sure that will be fun! Until next time! =)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paris, France.

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Photos: Brian Paulson