Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beyonce: Year of 4

God she's amazing.

Burbery Prorsum Mens Spring Summer 2012 Details

Aside from Louis Vuitton and Prada, Christopher Bailey's mens collection for Burberry Spring Summer 2012 was another favorite. I absolutely adore the color schemes he uses for his mens collection whether their purples, oranges, greens, or blues; he combines them well with a mixture of astounding textures and textiles. After watching the runway show and having to pick up my jaw from the ground, I had to get an in-depth look into the collection and low and behold, I've got it! That navy ikat printed button up, weave detailing, knitted sweaters, printed shorts and shirts, and shoes had me drooling. I can't wait to see all the spring collection stuff come next spring! Bailey always gets it right!
Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-Summer-2012-Closer-Look-01-DESIGNSCENE-net-20 Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-Summer-2012-Closer-Look-01-DESIGNSCENE-net-18 Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-Summer-2012-Closer-Look-01-DESIGNSCENE-net-17 Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-Summer-2012-Closer-Look-01-DESIGNSCENE-net-14 Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-Summer-2012-Closer-Look-01-DESIGNSCENE-net-15 Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-Summer-2012-Closer-Look-01-DESIGNSCENE-net-13 burbspringsummer1012mens Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-Summer-2012-Closer-Look-01-DESIGNSCENE-net-09 Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-Summer-2012-Closer-Look-01-DESIGNSCENE-net-08 Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-Summer-2012-Closer-Look-01-DESIGNSCENE-net-06 Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-Summer-2012-Closer-Look-01-DESIGNSCENE-net-04 Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-Summer-2012-Closer-Look-01-DESIGNSCENE-net-03

From, DesignScene.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Louis Vuitton Mens Spring Summer 2012

With Kim Jones as the new creative director (with the watchful eye of Marc Jacobs), Louis Vuitton's Spring Summer 2012 collection for men was impeccably tasteful and and chic. Along with a new director, the luxury brand has also created a new logo, which in my opinion is great looking. Despite Vuitton's classic monogram and damier print, the new logo features the color of France's flag as well as a moden V (obvi for Vuitton). I enjoyed the set up of the runway for the mens collection. I also enjoyed the well tailored suits, bags, anoraks, and sunglasses. The laced shoes are amazing, but I could be biased because of my current love for brown leather shoes. The sandals on the other hand are a bit questionable given that one style looks like a futuristic gladiator, while the other look outdoor/mountain/birkenstock/velcro sandals...not my cup of tea. But overall, I enjoyed the collection's cohesiveness and well made pieces.
lvmenss122 lvmenss123 lvmenss124 lvmenss125 lvmenss126 lvmenss127

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Emma Stone for Vanity Fair

Landing the cover of Vanity Fair as a blonde bombshell in a red and white striped bathing suit is only one of many reasons Emma Stone if one of my biggest girl crushes. She looks absolutely BANANAS! I wonder what the editorial will look like.. Love it!

Lady Gaga chante en français

I already have a lot of respect and love for Lady Gaga, but her singing in French takes it to another level. Speaking French is hard, but singing in French must be even more difficult and she pulls it off flawlessly. AMAZING.

Girl Crush: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Megan Fox's replacement for Transformers, model/actress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley isn't so bad. We all know Megan just played a pretty face in the movie, so Rosie doesn't really have very big shoes to fill since she's just as incredibly gorgeous. From these pictures of her at her movie's premiere in Moscow, England and Germany, the girl looks smoking whether she's rocking sheer Gucci or hot pink Michael Kors. She definitely knows how to work a red carpet. I love a girl who's consistent with her style on the red carpet, and I love how she flaunts her gorgeousness. No wonder Maxim named her number one on it's Hot 100 list. Burn Megan, BURN!!

Vintage Picture-less Frames

I love the inspiration I get from this one photo. A vintage picture-less frame and a white vase with banana leaf like leaves. This would be perfect on top of my white desk (which I have yet to paint). I also have a painting project in the works that involves CHANEL, that I can't wait to be finish, which would also go well on top of my desk. Ahhh I'm loving my current addiction to interior designing, if only I had the money to support both my love for it and my love for clothes/accessories.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Zoe Kravitz for Wonderland

zoeblackb1 Zoe Kravitz, actress and daughter of rock star Lenny Kravitz is really making a name for herself in both the fashion industry and in Hollywood. The actress is currently dating her co-star from X-Men: First Class, Michael Fassbender. In this editorial spread she did with Wonderland Magazine, I think she looks surprisingly good despite her look of disinterest on red carpet events and day time interviews. She obvi has an incredible body, plus there's something sexy, mysterious and sultry about her.
zoeblackb2 zoeblackb3

Milan, Francesco & Kanye during Piti Uomo & Milano MFW

With Piti Uomo and Milan's Mens Fashion Week over, I couldn't help but stalk these three guys. I've become more and more interested with Francesco Cominelli's style. The patterns and mix of clothes are different from everything else you see during these fashion forward events. His suits are never really suits, and I love his floral printed pants.

If you read my blog, you probably know that former creative director for Trussardi, Milan Vukmirovic is one of my style icons. I couldn't help but see him plastered everywhere during both events and I'm glad I got to see him a lot, because I Just learned that he has left his position as photographer and stylist for L'Officiel Hommes Paris. After thirteen years at the magazine, the infamous visionaire for the magazine wrote: "This is my last issue. I wanted to sincerely thank all those who helped, loved and supported since the beginning of this adventure …" at the opening of his editorial note in the mag. So sad, but I cannot wait to see what he will be doing next and I hope it still includes fashion so I can continue to be inspired by his impeccably sexy, chic and simple style.

From: StreetFSN & Tommy Ton for GQ.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beyonce at closing night of Glastonbury 2011

Everyone know's Beyonce is one HELL of a performer. Not only does she sing incredibly well, but she's such a great entertainer that many like myself can't keep my eyes off of her. Her performances at this year's Glastonbury 2011 Music Festival were infectiously entertaining from start to end and were streamed LIVE like that of Kanye's at this year's Coachella. Can you spot the celebs in the crowd? Hubby, Jay Z is obvi in the crowd.. After these performances, I'm dying to see her live in concert and I hope she headlines next year's Coachella!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

That Givenchy Tee

I've been seeing a lot of the men's fall 2011 Givenchy rottweiler tees/sweater and I cannot help but want something similar! Even Liv Tyler wore a piece of the men's collection! I remember when the collection first previewed and I loved it from the start, just like the women's fall 2011 collection. There's something so original about it, something so gangsta. I WANT!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Du Juan for Numéro China

I've been seeing a lot of Du Juan's face in editorials, and I've also been seeing a lot of Asian models on the pages of fashion publications in general...which is great! I love this editorial she did for Numéro China in which she's dressed in head to toe haute couture from various designers including Armani Prive, Dior, and Chanel. It's been awhile since I've seen a really good haute couture editorial and I love how theatrical this one is. The last photo is definitely fierce; that pose, that ensemble, and that mask.
du-juan1 du-juan3 du-juan6 du-juan8 du-juan9

From, FashionGoneRogue.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2012

I love the leopard belts and epaulet detailing on Sarah Burton's 2012 resort collection for Alexander McQueen. There's a men's belt with the same print over at YSL, but I can't seem to fork up $325 for a belt. BUT I WANT IT!! I also like the mix between lace and utilitarian cuts/color combinations. I also think the sea shell detailing on the pockets are a nice and unexpected touch; I don't think I've seen a McQueen collection include such detailing, but it's definitely refreshing. Overall the collection is clean, chic, and trendy. Those bags are also amazing.
amcqueenres3 amcqueenres2 amcqueenres1

From, FashionGoneRogue.