Friday, March 19, 2010

Winter Quarter = DONE!

I am officially done with winter quarter and I may add that I am feeling pretty confident in my last final. Hopefully I will be able to get the grade I want! Off to some relaxation, drinking, packing, and lounging! Four more months till I have one year left and four more months till Paris. Can't I go already?!!

The Satorialist Fav's pt. 4 Womens Edition pt. 2


Style that can do NO wrong.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Some Mindless Babbling...

One more final and it's not till Friday. Hopefully I will have the capabilities to show this comm final whose boss. I'm feeling slightly prepared, but not as prepared as I want to be. We'll see how this week of endless studying goes.

I can't wait to be home this coming weekend. Speaking of home, I need to figure out how the hell I'm going to make it up there. Hopefully a few friends will be willing to take me up. I miss Belvy( mi carro) too much.

Spring break consists of a shit load of paper work for Paris, I'm uber excited. Four more months! I definitely can't wait to be back home though for my endless adventures in the City with all my friends. Can't wait!

Can't wait for Vegas in August for Camilla & Ryan's Bachelor and Bachelorette party!! It's going to be EPIC. Ahhh speaking of Camilla, she just MMS me with her final decision on a dress! Right when I saw it I felt that it was the perfect dress for her that I almost started to cry! I'm so happy for her and I honestly only wish to be just as happy when I marry my perfect man.

Damn, spring quarter is almost here, which means I've completed one of two of my years here at UCSB. As much as I'm going to miss it, I really honestly can't wait to get a head start on my life. I feel a bit held back when I'm in school for some reason, but having the idea that I'll have my degree under my belt is much more comforting than being without it. Ahhh I wonder what life has in store for me!!! Hopefully I'll be able to move to the East Coast for grad school. I really do have my sights on Columbia or NYU. I loved their campuses when I came to visit last year and they both have programs I'm looking for. But I guess we'll see what life has in store after I graduate.

I need to go shopping. I don't remember the last thing I bought. Oh wait nvm. DAMN.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen: Last Collection

alexander-mcqueen-fall-2010-01alexander-mcqueen-fall-2010-02alexander-mcqueen-fall-2010-03 alexander-mcqueen-fall-2010-04 alexander-mcqueen-fall-2010-05 alexander-mcqueen-fall-2010-06 alexander-mcqueen-fall-2010-07 alexander-mcqueen-fall-2010-08


Eclipse Trailer!!!!

Jessica Stam for Vogue Turkey Issue #1

Turkey has chosen my favorite supermodel Jessica Stam as their cover model for their first ever issue of Vogue Turkey and must I say it is stunning! Great job Patrick.

VogueTurkeyTheLaunchIssue01jessturk1 jessturk2

Quick Update.

It's dead week, so I've been pretty much writing my papers and studying for finals week next week. Let me just say that I have only one final left next Friday and I'm super excited! Ahhhh then it's finally spring break. I can't wait to be back home and partayyy!!! Oh and work, I'm excited to be going back to the CBS studio to actually do some work there. Speaking of internships, I applied to a few fashion places, so we'll see how that goes. *cross your fingers.

Ehhh, I'm definitely not looking forward to doing all my mandatory paper work for Paris, but I'm excited to say I only have four months till I go! This is insane! Two months till extravaganza and floatopia. This quarter is going to be mayhem.

Alright back to studying. Sorry for my lack of updates. It is finals week, so I'm just trying to focus on everything for school. Alright pieces.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Inglorious Bastards, Jersey Shore Parady

I LOVE Snooki to death, she be so funnnnay.

Kirsten Dunst by Mario Testino for V Magazine

Is it me or is V Magazine on a role?! I need to subscribe to this art-fashion concious magazine, stat! This spread with gremlin looking Kirsten Dunst, makes her look absolutely stunning. It's total old Hollywood glamour, no? Tres chic!!
KirstenDunstforVMagazine01 kd2 kd3 kd4 kd5 kd6

Daria Werbowy by Mario Testino for V Magazine

Daria happens to be another favorite model of mine aside from Jessica Stam, Coco Rocha, Anja Rubik, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and the likes. For a brunette she's amazing and extremely versatile. She's everywhere including H&M ads, Dsquared, Dior, and Roberto Cavalli. I love the styling in this shoot, it's so cowboy from Spain chic. The accessories are to die for.
dw1dw2 dw3 dw4 dw5

Monday, March 1, 2010

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe it's already March! I have a few weeks till the quarter ends, which means I'm on lock down as of next week to start studying for finals. crap. Anyways, things are coming along in terms of my school work. I've been stressing like mad crazy last week, because I wasn't too sure how everything was going to play out with my 2 presentations, papers and reading. I have my last group presentation this Thursday, which gives me time to focus on my paper that I'm practically almost finished with. Then I can start on my last honors paper, which will give me time to study in peace for finals. Ahhhh.

This weekend was a great little distraction. The girls came down for a weekend. Like always, we drank, partied, did a little trees, and just relaxed the whole weekend despite the hideous rain. I can't wait till they come back in April for my birthday and floatopia! It'll be amazingly fun! Dang, I can't believe I turn 22 next month! It's crazyy. I look forward to going home in a couple of weeks to get my car, help Camilla with her dresses for her wedding, and to hang out a bit for spring break.

By the time I know it, it'll be June, which mean's I've finished my first year at UCSB and I will be starting my second and last year at UCSB next fall! I still can't believe how everything is unfolding. I wonder what my graduating friends will have planned after graduating. scary. Then in mid June, I'm off to Paris, which I am still super excited about. I know I still have a shittzer load of paper to do, and I wish the school would just send me my package already, so I knew what family I would be staying with and in what district! We'll see. <33

PS. Congrats to my girl Coco Rocha, who just got engaged !!