Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Day Has Arrived!!

When I'm Down...

Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda & Carrie never seem to let me down. <33

Marky Mark

Umm, did I miss the memo? I didn't know Mark Wahlberg was a rapper. WTF, random.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dear God,

Please let me age like she does. Flawless.

Photoshoot 1

Got to style my first photoshoot! Make up was done by the fabulous Camilla & James did the photography. Camilla got inspired to start building up her own portfolio to express her talent in make up and asked me to join her bandwagon. She knows clothes and fashion in general are my forte so she wanted me to style her shoots and was super excited to give my first stab at it. The results were great. We used Jennifer as out model for today's shoot and she did an amazing job looking all commercial. Anna helped me by giving me a second insight on the things I was trying to put together. We were definitely trying to go for more of a Teen Vogue editorial look and I think we pulled it off effortlessly. What do you think?!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Devil Is On The Rise

Director RJ Cutler's trailer for his documentary on Anna Wintour called The September Issue. EXCITED!

RIP King of Pop & Sex Icon

I just had to blog about these two. While I was interning, the newsroom was going crazy!! So I felt the need to mark this moment in my life when I heard about their deaths right before the media released it to the public.

I don't even know what to say about Michael Jackson. Everyone in the news room was stunned around 1pm with the speculation of his death. All hail the King of Pop! FYI I chose this photo of him, becuase he's totally flaunting the Fall 08 Balmain shirt. His son or daughter will be lucky if they inherit it!! jealous.

Not only was Farrah Fawcett one of thee original Charlies Angels, but she was an amazing 70's Icon. Absolutely gorge.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


1. I really need to figure out where I'm going to live when I move to SB.
2. I'm so tired!
3. I need to go to the gym!I'm starting to fill out my waist 32 jeans! =/
4. Yosemite or any place outdoors sounds nice with this great weather.
5. Dear July, please hurry up and get here already.
6. I need to start saving more money. SUMMER = LOSING $$$
7. Midnight showing of Transformers tonight?! I need my daily Shia fix.
9. I need to shop for more professional clothes. No Black!
10. I'm going to nap now.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Terry Richardson Favs. (non-editorial)

Internship Update.

Now that I'm in my third week at CBS5/The CW 44 Cable 12, I am getting so exhausted. I feel like I don't have a summer, now that I'm waking up 7:30am every Monday through Thursday Morning! When I come home from my days, I just feel like taking a fat nap. I guess the bart ride and working in the city gets the best of you. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the fast paced, non stop atmosphere. I'm always doing something! Although I am glad we get one hour breaks, but a lot of the times i sacrifice my breaks, because I have a load of work to do. But hey I can't complain. I got to meet a majority of the anchors, see live production of the Noon News and Susan Sakora, be in a bollywood film while they were producing "His Name is Kahn" in our news room!!!, and just get a lot of PR/Communication/Media/Production experience. I've learned so much from writing press releases, pitching stories, dubbing tapes, meeting with guests, and above all I get to gain access and meet people at the top of this industry.
In my department there are about 6 interns. Gabriela, Justin, and Christopher (who I haven't met since he only works Friday and I never work Friday) go to Cal. Them two are super nice and have been at the station interning for about three years. Jesse is probably the one I connect with the most and she goes to Syracuse University in upstate New York. She's super pretty, smart, driven, and amazing..just like me. Maybe that's why I get along so well with her. I'm actually going on an interview with her for Students Rising Above at Golden Gate Park. That will be exciting since it'll be my first on sight taping. There's also Sanyee, who is the super bubbly Asian girl from HARVARD! Kelsey just started this week and I learned she's from UCSB! She totally reminds me of my friend Nicole, the blond hair, super outgoing, and the raspy voice. They all are super cool to work with. But yea, thought I'd blog a bit about my internship thus far. I'm going to take a fat nap now. Bye!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gwen Stefani ELLE

She's back!! With two kids, two successful clothing lines, and an amazing rocker husband, she's back to work! I'm glad to see Gwen Stefani doing some editorial work and I'm glad it's with ELLE. ELLE needed to turn up their volume and that's exactly what they did when they shot Gwen as their cover model. Though she may not be as fresh as she used to be, her persona is always upbeat and charming, just like her style! I can't wait to watch No Doubt live in concert on July 21st at the Concord Sleep Train Pavilion! It's going to be sick!!! Then four days after it'll be my friends and I's road trip to Southern California and Disneyland! YAY!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

NYC Photos

New York here I come!!!

Our room at the Paramount Hotel. (dumbass small, but its what you get in NYC)
Our first night in Times Square!

I forever love shopping in SoHo, especially TopShop/TopMan!!!
More SoHo.
Eating dinner at the fabulous Koi.
This is NYC's Natural History Museum and it's where Night At The Museum with Ben Stiller was filmed! We got to go inside, but it wasn't as good as the MET.
The Guggenheim Museum.
The Model as Muse exhibit Justin Timberlake, Marc Jacobs, and Kate Moss put together! It was the only exhibit I wanted to see! I got to buy a book and poster for remembrance. =)
This is me at the Egyptian exhibit at the MET which was probably the sickest exhibit I have ever seen. It had water around the Egyptian ruins!
The Metropolitan Museum from the outside. We were told it was the 2nd most visited museum in the world! When I was planning to go to NYC, I told myself I had to visit this museum, especially for the Model As Muse exhibit.
This is a picture of our tour guide. She was uber fierce with her Carrie Bradshaw-esque belt. She totally had a NY accent too and I'm pretty sure I learned the most from her.

The Empire State Building.
This is where John Lennon got shot. TRAGEDY.
We got to see ground zero, in which they had a small little tribute center. This quote was part of their exhibit and it instantly made me cry. After I read it, I tried to imagine who I would call or what I would say and it just made me ball.

5Th Avenue Shopping! This is a picture of Bergdorf Goodman, where i purchased my YSL cologne.
This is another picture of 5th avenue. It has Chanel, YSL, Miu Miu, Nokia, and Burberry on this strip. Across the street was Tiffany's, Nike, abd some other shit.
We ate at Famous Daves 3 out of the 7 days we were there. We absolutely loved all our servers, and the food had us coming back for more! Not to mention their drinks!
Colombus Circle.
Central Park!
Ellis Island!
The Statue of Liberty! It was amazing to see in person!

Honestly, there was so much more. Like we got to see The Soup Kitchen on Seinfeld, where Denzel Washington lives, where Bono lives, where Jackie O used to live, Brooklyn Bridge, the only outdoor Picasso Painting in the US, and so much more, but I felt to lazy to resize and border all of them on PS. Looks like you bitches will have to go there on your own. Or better yet, hopefully you'll be able to visit me when I find my ass a career out there after college! no like, forreals. I LOVE NYC!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I just had to.

Sunday Night.

This was my Sunday night. Priceless.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quick Update.

Let see.

Tuesday - Arrived back home around 9pm after Jen (Jamie's sister) picks us up. Friends some over and I talked about NYC. Give em their souvenirs I bought em.

Wendesday - With no work or internship this day, I decided to devote a whole day to staying in and resting. I was extremely jet lagged. Staying in the East Coats for a week really takes its toll on you after you get used to their three hour advanced time.

Thursday - Woke up around 8am to get reay for my first day at my internship at The CW/CBS 5. It was a great feeling to know I was going somewhere and moving forward with my career, especially in the city. Even though I would love to do PR in the fashion industry I believe this experience will only help me excel. I got to work the phones for a bit, create events to add onto CBS's community calender and research a few things for the Director of Communications/PR, Akliah Monifa (who is also my supervisor). It was official when Akilah's assistant Dee Dee showed me my desk and around the studio. I got to meet one of the anchors, which was cool. The cherry on top was when I got to take my picture for my badge which was super cool! I can't wait to see what I gain from this at the end of my summer term here.

Later that night, I went to finally go see Star Trek with Tim. He's finally back from Miami, and it was good to see him. The movie was really good, just like everyone said. Chris Pine and Zachery Quinto are super hot.

Friday - Went back to work after almost two weeks. Went by pretty fast. The girls decided to come over and we drank a bit and planned for Anna's Birthday. We plan on taking a road trip down to Southern California and visiting Disneyland, which she loves. Can't wait! After I came back from NYC I was bummed I didn't have much to look forward to. Now I have the No Doubt concert and her birthday to look forward too!

Tomorrow - I work. I plan on finally washing my car. Haven't gotten the chance to wash it since I got it. haha Sophia plans on having a little parlay at her casa since her parents will be in LA, so I'm excited about that. But bummed I'll have to leave early since I have to wake up early the next morning for my internship! =( But its cool i guess.

About to post NYC pics. get readyy! =)

<33 Ish.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Music Minute.

Lady Gaga has conjured up another masterpiece, this time to her UK single Paparazzi. Gaga really takes this video and makes it art by intertwining the music video with fashion, short film and dialogue. She is such a modern day singer and entertainer its absolutely crazy, just like her outfits. All hail the new Princess of Pop!

Kanye West released his new music video for his current single, Paranoid. Like Lady Gaga's video, Kanye takes a creative approach to this black and white music video and tailors to a Michael Jackson Thriller feeling. Kanye definitely takes risks when it comes to his music videos and also takes an artistic approach when making them. Well done and Rihanna looks just as good.

New Moon Trailer

The New Moon trailer is here! They played the trailer during MTV's Movie Awards, but I was too busy to watch it in NYC. Now I finally got to see it in person and it looks amazing. Is it November yet?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NYC update part 3

Yesterday was our final whole day in Manhatten and man has the time flew by! Yesterday we woke up around noon and got ready to go out for our last day. We were supposed to do a Sex In The City tour but woke up too late for it. So we decided to go to SoHo for one last time. We walked along Broadway and Spring Street, which has the best shopping. Picked up a pair of black skinny slacks from American Apparel. We finally found the Marc by Marc Jacobs store, but they didn't have the sunglasses I was looking for! =( SoHo's MMJ stores are split with womens and mens stores. Found a cute towel but thought it would just waste room in my luggage. Jamie bought a cute grey shirt, which I wanted but didn't get and now regret not getting it! After that we went to a fabulous boutique called LF, which is now Ria's fav store. We decided to have dinner there at a mexican restaurant an employee from LF recommended. She told us they were known for their guacamole and she was right; their guacamole was AMAZING. Probably the best I have ever tasted in my life! After we were done shopping we took the subway home and realized we are now subway smart! We got used to all the trains and stops. Especially those stops to the LES, SoHo, and 5th Avenue. Ugh I'm truly going to miss it here. I honestly feel like I'm leaving a little piece of me here. Anyways, after dinner we grabbed the rest of our souveniers. I spent a total of $48, but Jamie spent a whopping $98! Our friends and familly better love their souveniers. Haha at the end of the night the girls and I decided to grab our last NYC hotdog and just chill in Times Square. I just wanted to take everything in, because I knew I probably wasn't going to be back anytime soon. After an hour we headed back to our hotel and finished our packing. Hopefully with all the shopping we did our luggage is still under 50lbs or else JetBlue will charge us. Later that night when we were done, we grabbed some great yogurt at a place called Red Mango. I guess Red Mango is NYC's version of our PinkBerry or Tutti Melon. Then we headed back to the room and rested. We got to watch the season finale of The Hills. After that the girls and I were still hungry so we grabbed pizza around 2am at thise pizza parlor that closed at 4am. After that we finally went back to out hotel room for the last time and knocked out.

Today, it has finally hit me that we are leaving! I'm blogging in the cab on our way to the JFK Airport. Ugh I love NYC!!! It truly is the city that never sleep. I love how everyone here moves at a face paced and seems busy. Though we experienced many rude people, we got to meet a few really cool people. Out of our whole trip we probably got to ride in 12 taxis, see NYC's version of Walgreens = Duane Reade, see about 80% of their historic monuments and exhibits/Museums, have about 8 NYC hot dogs, 2 NYC pizzas, and so much more. I can't imagine how much money I spent here in a week alone, but it was all worth every cent. I have come out of this trip with new knowledge and a love for a city I was excited to see. I will forever love NYC! Alright about to be at the airport, the next time I'll be blogging will be back home in California!

See you soon NYC.<3