Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quick Update.

Let see.

Tuesday - Arrived back home around 9pm after Jen (Jamie's sister) picks us up. Friends some over and I talked about NYC. Give em their souvenirs I bought em.

Wendesday - With no work or internship this day, I decided to devote a whole day to staying in and resting. I was extremely jet lagged. Staying in the East Coats for a week really takes its toll on you after you get used to their three hour advanced time.

Thursday - Woke up around 8am to get reay for my first day at my internship at The CW/CBS 5. It was a great feeling to know I was going somewhere and moving forward with my career, especially in the city. Even though I would love to do PR in the fashion industry I believe this experience will only help me excel. I got to work the phones for a bit, create events to add onto CBS's community calender and research a few things for the Director of Communications/PR, Akliah Monifa (who is also my supervisor). It was official when Akilah's assistant Dee Dee showed me my desk and around the studio. I got to meet one of the anchors, which was cool. The cherry on top was when I got to take my picture for my badge which was super cool! I can't wait to see what I gain from this at the end of my summer term here.

Later that night, I went to finally go see Star Trek with Tim. He's finally back from Miami, and it was good to see him. The movie was really good, just like everyone said. Chris Pine and Zachery Quinto are super hot.

Friday - Went back to work after almost two weeks. Went by pretty fast. The girls decided to come over and we drank a bit and planned for Anna's Birthday. We plan on taking a road trip down to Southern California and visiting Disneyland, which she loves. Can't wait! After I came back from NYC I was bummed I didn't have much to look forward to. Now I have the No Doubt concert and her birthday to look forward too!

Tomorrow - I work. I plan on finally washing my car. Haven't gotten the chance to wash it since I got it. haha Sophia plans on having a little parlay at her casa since her parents will be in LA, so I'm excited about that. But bummed I'll have to leave early since I have to wake up early the next morning for my internship! =( But its cool i guess.

About to post NYC pics. get readyy! =)

<33 Ish.

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