Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NYC update part 3

Yesterday was our final whole day in Manhatten and man has the time flew by! Yesterday we woke up around noon and got ready to go out for our last day. We were supposed to do a Sex In The City tour but woke up too late for it. So we decided to go to SoHo for one last time. We walked along Broadway and Spring Street, which has the best shopping. Picked up a pair of black skinny slacks from American Apparel. We finally found the Marc by Marc Jacobs store, but they didn't have the sunglasses I was looking for! =( SoHo's MMJ stores are split with womens and mens stores. Found a cute towel but thought it would just waste room in my luggage. Jamie bought a cute grey shirt, which I wanted but didn't get and now regret not getting it! After that we went to a fabulous boutique called LF, which is now Ria's fav store. We decided to have dinner there at a mexican restaurant an employee from LF recommended. She told us they were known for their guacamole and she was right; their guacamole was AMAZING. Probably the best I have ever tasted in my life! After we were done shopping we took the subway home and realized we are now subway smart! We got used to all the trains and stops. Especially those stops to the LES, SoHo, and 5th Avenue. Ugh I'm truly going to miss it here. I honestly feel like I'm leaving a little piece of me here. Anyways, after dinner we grabbed the rest of our souveniers. I spent a total of $48, but Jamie spent a whopping $98! Our friends and familly better love their souveniers. Haha at the end of the night the girls and I decided to grab our last NYC hotdog and just chill in Times Square. I just wanted to take everything in, because I knew I probably wasn't going to be back anytime soon. After an hour we headed back to our hotel and finished our packing. Hopefully with all the shopping we did our luggage is still under 50lbs or else JetBlue will charge us. Later that night when we were done, we grabbed some great yogurt at a place called Red Mango. I guess Red Mango is NYC's version of our PinkBerry or Tutti Melon. Then we headed back to the room and rested. We got to watch the season finale of The Hills. After that the girls and I were still hungry so we grabbed pizza around 2am at thise pizza parlor that closed at 4am. After that we finally went back to out hotel room for the last time and knocked out.

Today, it has finally hit me that we are leaving! I'm blogging in the cab on our way to the JFK Airport. Ugh I love NYC!!! It truly is the city that never sleep. I love how everyone here moves at a face paced and seems busy. Though we experienced many rude people, we got to meet a few really cool people. Out of our whole trip we probably got to ride in 12 taxis, see NYC's version of Walgreens = Duane Reade, see about 80% of their historic monuments and exhibits/Museums, have about 8 NYC hot dogs, 2 NYC pizzas, and so much more. I can't imagine how much money I spent here in a week alone, but it was all worth every cent. I have come out of this trip with new knowledge and a love for a city I was excited to see. I will forever love NYC! Alright about to be at the airport, the next time I'll be blogging will be back home in California!

See you soon NYC.<3


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  1. YAY! i can't wait to hear about it at home! it sounds all magical.