Thursday, June 18, 2009

Internship Update.

Now that I'm in my third week at CBS5/The CW 44 Cable 12, I am getting so exhausted. I feel like I don't have a summer, now that I'm waking up 7:30am every Monday through Thursday Morning! When I come home from my days, I just feel like taking a fat nap. I guess the bart ride and working in the city gets the best of you. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the fast paced, non stop atmosphere. I'm always doing something! Although I am glad we get one hour breaks, but a lot of the times i sacrifice my breaks, because I have a load of work to do. But hey I can't complain. I got to meet a majority of the anchors, see live production of the Noon News and Susan Sakora, be in a bollywood film while they were producing "His Name is Kahn" in our news room!!!, and just get a lot of PR/Communication/Media/Production experience. I've learned so much from writing press releases, pitching stories, dubbing tapes, meeting with guests, and above all I get to gain access and meet people at the top of this industry.
In my department there are about 6 interns. Gabriela, Justin, and Christopher (who I haven't met since he only works Friday and I never work Friday) go to Cal. Them two are super nice and have been at the station interning for about three years. Jesse is probably the one I connect with the most and she goes to Syracuse University in upstate New York. She's super pretty, smart, driven, and amazing..just like me. Maybe that's why I get along so well with her. I'm actually going on an interview with her for Students Rising Above at Golden Gate Park. That will be exciting since it'll be my first on sight taping. There's also Sanyee, who is the super bubbly Asian girl from HARVARD! Kelsey just started this week and I learned she's from UCSB! She totally reminds me of my friend Nicole, the blond hair, super outgoing, and the raspy voice. They all are super cool to work with. But yea, thought I'd blog a bit about my internship thus far. I'm going to take a fat nap now. Bye!

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