Friday, October 29, 2010

Jack "the Condition" McCollough.

DAMNNNN Jack..You def are the situation. If only Lazaro did the same thing. HAHA. Happy Halloween everyone!!

Jacquelyn Jablonski by Victor Demarchelier for Harper’s Bazaar US


I'm becoming a huge fan of Jacquelyns' and I vividly remember watching her walk out with a group of models out of the Grand Palais in Paris after Valentino's show and she was breathtakingly beautiful in all her naturalness. Ugh you could slap some make up on that face but it would be a crime! She's one of those models that don't need much to look gorgeous and I think she's different than all the other models; perhaps it's because she's a brunette with long straight hair, or maybe its her eye brows? IDK what it is but I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. It's great to see Patrick's son take some beautiful pictures also. I guess talent runs in family. For more click here.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Love You Philip Morris Trailer

I cannot wait to see this!! I love Jim Carey and the film looks super funny even though Ewan McGregor looks annoying in the movie. haha

Of the moment: 5 Inspiring Quotes.

1. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. -My cousin?
2. Part of being a genius is taking everything from everyone around you. -Bob Colacello
3. I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday. -Eleanor Roosevelt
4. The less you plan, the less expectations, therefore the more fun there is to be had. - Alex
5. We all have problems, but its what we do with them that matters and makes us stronger. - UNKNOWN

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nicholas K


I think the layering pieces in Nicolas K's collection is flawless. I really REALLY regret not buying these calf cut sweatpants at Uniqlo in Paris now that I see them alike here in Nicholas' collection. UGH! Big regret. Now I'm in need of a pair of these too! I also want to invest in a belted cardigan after seeing Milan with two beautiful ones and this one in the collection. I'm also still in need of a good fitted and structured black leather jacket. Why is it that I WANT EVERYTHING?!! not ok.

nicholask3 nicholask4

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zhang Fan for Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia November


This spread reminds me a lot of this one, but I love the idea of taking fashion and doing editorials out in the world in areas that are unthought of like this one in Tibet. I think the colors, the model, the props, and the sceanery really play into the whole photo. I could literally blow up that picture of Zhang and the ox and frame it in my living room, it's absolutely magical. This spread makes me want to visit Tibet, doesn't make you want to do the same thing?!

Spread_Tibet.indd Spread_Tibet.indd tibet00 Spread_Tibet.indd Spread_Tibet.indd

Federico Cola by Milan Vukmirovic


It's been awhile since I've seen some styling for men that I've truly felt inspired by and this editorial for L’Officiel Hommes Italia changed that. I feel like the styling in this editorial is very me right now. I was actually wearing a pair of red skinnies today given the red skinny trend for fall and as I was putting them on, I reflected on a lot of the trends I went through during the years. Right now, this editorial speaks of the things I like momentarily, which includes trenches, khaki blazers, knitted sweaters, stripes, khakis, denim, and denim shirts! I would love love love everything in this spread, including the model. I need to shop soon, i'm getting delusional. AHHHH! Amazeballs.

Federico-Cola-by-Milan-Vukmirovic Federico-Cola-by-Milan-Vukmirovic1 Federico-Cola-by-Milan-Vukmirovic2

Monday, October 25, 2010


I think Dita Von Teese is the absolute epitome of glamour. From the way she carries herself, to the way she speaks, and to the way she dresses. I wonder what her closet looks like? I'm sure it's filled with nothing more than Dior, Gaultier, Vitton, and the likes. I remember seeing her perform in 2007 with my bff Anna, and she was stunning and absolutely mesmorizing. Her strip teases are so intricate and entertaining, I die.



First big pay check goes to some major Burberry. Who amazing does everything look? I thought I would never like a cropped trench, but this khaki one is absolutely divine and a must. And I'm DYING trying to find a pair of cargo skinnies! Anyone know of any place where I can snag a pair! Jbrand has these awesome ones for women, but I'm sure they wouldn't fit right on mine. -_-" WAHHHH! I need a job stat, a good paying one too.

burbfavm1 burbfavm2 burbfavman3

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Francesco Cominelli 's favorite things.

How dope are those american flag sneakers? I need a pair in my life stat. Francesco Cominelli, fashion editor for Vogue Hommes International has some pretty awesome things. I love his outfit with his frayed blazer, his nike's are beyond sick, his watch collection is to die for, and I think that green blazer is a bananas. For more click here.
francescocominelli7 francescocominelli5 francescocominelli4 francescocominelli8 francescocominelli13 francescocominelli14 francescocominelli15

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sherling & Knits.

tex1 tex2

I need some serious sherling and knits in my closet stat. It's such an essential for this fall!!

Kanye West - Runaway

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jenny McCarthy's Gabanna Story on Chelsea Lately

MUST WATCH!!! THIS IS HILARIOUS!! Who knew Stefano was a mean little prick! aww poor him, then again Jenny should have known what the designer of her dress looked like before wearing the dress. I mean, you are hosting the VMA's in MILAN! Still, very funny story.

Coco Rocha for Harper’s Bazaar Russia November


I love this girl so much it's insane. I believe she's the epitome of a supermodel; not only is she a chameleon, but she has a great personality that makes her a great spokesperson! I'm assuming that's why we all saw her working the red carpet in Zac Posen (of course) at the MTV Music Awards greeting all the guests and asking them what they were wearing. I thought she did a great job even though I could tell she was a bit nervous. I hope to see a lot more of this girl on TV, because her personality is infectious! I remember last year always watching her and her bff Behati Prinsloo make those hilarious youtube vids.

Anyways, here is Coco fiercely posing, which I assume comes natural for her since she is ALWAYS on point. For more click here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Closet Confessions pt. 2.

I forget how much I miss him. Christian Siriano is such a character, I wish we were bff's. Check out his hilarious closet confession.

Seriously, Nicky Hilton's closet is INSANE. DID YOU SEE ALL THOSE SHOES?!! Not only does she have vintage, but I love her collection of personalized monograms. Who doesn't like a personalized Goyard? PUCCI PUCCI PUCCI!!

I miss seeing Kelly Cutrone too. Are they still airing Kell on Earth? I love how she has literally a ton of black. Not surprising, but her collection of coats are hilarious.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pamela Love

It's interesting to see what jewelry a jewelry designer like Pamela Love has. Surprisingly it's not so different than the jewelry she personally designs, but their equally as fierce. To check out her Brooklyn home, click here.
7_2_10_PamelaLoveJordan5681 7_211pam 7_2_10_PamelaLoveJordan5923

At Home with Erin Wasson.

7_30_erin_wasson1103 (1)

I love how wide and airy the space is in Erin Wasson's home. The brick walls are super cool too, and I love how her decorations are kind of kooky and quirky. It's very eclectic, and very Erin. I don't know how I feel about her collection of giant head masks, but I wonder where she get's them. I love her bohemian/cowboy feel when it comes to photos, frames, and wall art. I would die to have that sculpture of a women. I wonder why theres clutter all over her coffee table? I guess she believes in little figurines and what not and not coffee table books. For more click here.
7_30_erin_wasson1104 7_30_erin_wasson1127 7_30erin 7_30_erin_wasson1116 7_30_erin_wasson1133 7_30_erin_wasson1142 7_30_erin_wasson1123

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kelly Osbourne's Closet Confession

I love seeing what celebs (especially if they're fashionistas), have in their closet! Kelly has everything from Armani, Chanel, VINTAGE CHANEL!, and Balmain. Although she's lost a lot of weight, I'm still happy to see that she's the same person. Remember those Osbourne days on MTV?!

Scream 4

'Scream 4' Extended Teaser Trailer
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I wonder how long it's been since the first movies, but I'm not too sure if i'm excited to see this one. Not a Hayden P. fan, but I do love me some Anna Pacquin and Kristen Bell. What do you guys think of the Scream 4 trailer?

Anne Hathaway for Vogue US November 2010


How stunning does little Annie look?! I cannot wait to have the November issue in my hands! Mario Testino never fails to capture the beauty of women, and I loved the outcome of Annie being shot in the lovely city of Paris! I love the Audrey Hepburn-esque styling with the hair, very American, and very chic. It was like a chic American going out to Paris for a lovely Parisian vacation. I may be a bit biased, but I think I like it even more because it's Annie, an actress with true talent. She's beautiful inside and out; i'd love to meet her in person or style her one day!

annehav1 anne-hathaway2 annehv2 anne-hathaway3