Sunday, May 31, 2009

NYC update part 2

Its been one long day today. But let me blog about yesterday.

Yesterday we woke up around 9am and got ready for the Cruise Line to take us to the Statue of Liberty. We took a taxi to the spot and boarded the ship. The ship took us along the North River and we got to see everything from a river view like Manhatten, Greenwhich, Tribeca and West Village! Before the statue of liberty we got to see Ellis Island and New Jersey. Then we got to see the statue of liberty, which was absolutely breathtaking! It was super huge and we learned that the statue is only 2 pennies thin! Then we got to see the Brooklyn Bridge. After that we decided to grab some hot dogs at the infamous Grays Papaya. Those hot dogs totally shit on costco hotdogs! Then we decided to visit New Yorks Natural History Museum where the Night at the Museum was filmed! It was fun and we got to see all the animals and dinosaurs! Then we decided to shop a bit and go to Fifth Avenue for the first time. I seriously died when I saw a glimpse of Bergdorf Goodman! I was able to purchase my YSL cologne and was amazed I bought my first item at Bergdorf. Ugh the feeling was amazing despite the feeling of feeling poor around their fabulous clothes! After fifth avenue we had dinner at the the legendary Koi which was such a delight! High class sushi and a lychee martini is total New York style. Later that night Jamie and I decided to get some cake to surprise and celebrate my sister's 20th birthday! She was totally surprised despite her crying because she missed home. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! <33

Today we woke up at noon and decided to finally get dressed. Grabbed a couple hot dogs and decided to shop at Fifth Avenue (the best place ever!). This time I bought a few souvieners for some friends and family (they're totally going to love em!). Got em some things from the DISNEY store! Then we decided to get some things @ H&M. My sister bought herself some cute shoes and a dress from Nine West and American Apparel. Tonight we plan on going to LES (lower east side) to celebrate my sisters bday! We'll see what happens. Tomorrow, our last full day in NYC my sister, Jamie and I plan on taking the Sex in The City tour! That's going to be super exciting! Alright, getting ready to go out! Till next time! <33


Friday, May 29, 2009

NYC update part 1

Wow! I've been in New York City for four days already and I'm in love with NY! I honestly can see myself living here and having a career in the big apple. It is definetly the place for dreams and love! Can't post eye candy up because I'm blogging via my BB, but I'll talk about what we've been doing since then post a whole blog of pictures just for your viewing pleasure. Tuesday we flew in around 5pm and got into our hotel. We stayed at the Paramount Hotel in Times Square and the place was in the middle of construction so that sucked. The rooms we're pretty small too, but we figured that it didn't matter since we were out a majority of the day anyways. Tuesday night we ate our first meal at Heartland Brewery and had amazing burgers.
We spent all of Wenesday shopping downtown in SoHo. Shopping in downtown is absolutely a dream!! I bought a cute red pinstrip blazer from the great retailer Topshop/Topman, green skinnys and a blue pinstrip short sleeve from Uniqlo, black Levis skinnys, Quicksilver Boarshorts, and a shirt for my brother at Urban Outfitters. At the end of the day, the girls (My sister, Jamie, and Hart) walked down Spring Street to visit the Solstice there, Louis Vuitton, Etro, Bape, Jill Staurt, and so much more! Ahhh! I was going crazy. We saw the Anna Sui boutique there and decided to stop in. Thankfully I did, becuase I learned Anna has a line for men, so I had to buy something! I came out with a cute Anna Sui logo Vneck type shirt and I learned from the girls that it was the only Anna Sui in the US! So it was the shirt was definitely a priceless piece!
Thursday came and we basically met up with Azalea and Monte who flew in at 10am. From there we went to get food at a local eatery and decided to take them to SoHo and they loved it. Thankfully I didn't purchase anything then. After SoHo, we decided to do the whole bus tour and got to see the Empire State Building, the biggest Macys on Herald Square, and so much I can't remember right now. We also got to see Ground Zero which was absolutely breathtaking and sad. I couldn't help, but cry;that's how intense it was. And today I learned Prince Harry was at Ground Zero! What a bitch. Later that night we decided to go out and experience the night life in NYC. We headed for Pink Elephant,which we saw in MTV's The City. We couldn't get in becuase at the time we got there (12 something) we had to be on guestlist. So we went across the street to Cain. As soon as we got in we heard the most amazing old school remixes. The clubs out here totally shit on SF or SJ's club! They're all super strict, chic, and filled with gorgeous people! The bartender at Cain was totally a flirt with me (@ least that's what everyone said) and I was able to get 2 free shots of patron out of it. Ben (that's his name) was a total cutie. But other then that, the night was super fun!
Today, we woke up around 11am and had our first NY hot dog, which was pretty good. Then we continued the bus tour, which was great. We got to see where Jon Lennon was shot, where his wife and son live, where Jackie O lived, NY history Museum (where The Night @ The Museum was filmed) and so much more. We then got dropped off at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I learned it was the second most popular museum aside from the Louvre*. The museum was absolutely breathtaking as well. It was super huge and carried everything from modern to ancient pieces! I'll defintely show pics. Then we continued the bus tour and got to see the Upper East Side which was filled with mansions, highend stores like Gucci, Bergdorfs!, and so much more and on top of that we got to see Central Park! We plan on walking down Central Park and Fifth Avenue on Sunday. For dinner we went to our fav BBQ place here, Famous Daves and had a fabulous dinner with tons of mixed drinks. Tonight we plan on hitting up Pacha and the W lounge. So we'll see how that goes! Faboosh! <3


Monday, May 25, 2009

Fugly Betty

Now that school is kaput...for now, I was able to catch up with my favorite tv show in the whole entire world, Ugly Betty. Since I've was so busy with school and what not, I haven't been able to keep up with the show, but today I was able to catch up on all four episodes that I've missed including the season finale. Thank jeebus, ABC picked the show up for a fourth season, but it's a bummer they're knocking the show down from it's Thursday slot to a lame Friday slot!! Ugh so lame. Ohk, must sleep before I jet off to NYC. <33

Off I the fashion capital of the nation!

Now that my educational career at Chabot College has finally ended (YAY!!), it is now officially summer! I just started packing yesterday for my New York trip, which we leave for tomorrow at 5am! =/ Hopefully I'll have enough room in my luggage for the clothing I'm sure to buy and hopefully I'm not packing too much. Ahhh! I will continue to blog about my trip to NYC as I'm there, so stay tuned!
Last night, Krystle had a little parlayy at her casa since her parentals were gone. It was fun, just very chill. Glad to see Toya, Sophia, Taisha & Gabe come out.

Saturday night was uber fun! We all went to club Infusion in the city in Union Square for Christina's lovely birthday! Ha, Anh, and I left for the city around 7ish and got ready at her apartment. Pre-gamed a bit and we were off to the club around 9:30ish. I guess if we were on guestlist, we would get in for free, but we ended up running late so Anh and Ha paid $10. I had to stay in line, because I guess my name wasn't on the list and at this point I had to pee so bad from pre-gaming. I decided I would pay the $20 to get in and thankfully I saw Christina at the door and I basically went in for free. The club was really chic and we had a lot of drinks (free!) so we were definitely feeling ourselves. As we leave the club, I guess some hobo attacks Anh and follows her to the car. I totally don't notice, I guess I was too drunk. But I do remember running to get in the car and luckily Ha and I get into the car, when the hobo decides to block the passenger door so Anh couldn't get in! I remember screaming. Poor Anh, but thankfully she got in and we drove off in the quickness! scary. Before we get to Ha's apartment we make a stop at McDonald's to pick up some drunk food. Then we head back to the apartment, eat our food, and decide to go back to McDonald's! haha We ended up buying more food then we actually ate! I woke up the morning after with the smell of McDonald's. I seriously wanted to throw up then and there. But yes, that was my Saturday. Faboosh!

I totally forgot to blog about this, but last Saturday I went to Club Wet for Vince's 21st Birthday. That was uber fun. I enjoyed the bottle service and VIP treatment. Then again, who wouldn't?! The hype of this club was huge, so I was excited to go! Got there and the club was pretty nice, but I guess I expected more fishes! haha Anyways, everyone had a great time. Vince was drunk off his ass...and didn't throw up! yay! Ugh the life of being 21! Faboosh!

Alright, I need to finish packing. ttyl. <33

Thursday, May 21, 2009


While I was watching MTV's Real World/RR The Duel 2, Mark's hotass totally caught my eye and I just had to write about it and make him an obsession! Not only is his body banging, but he's in his late 30's! Talk about daddy! ;]

Anyways, as of today I have one more final to go! I have my Econ 2 final at 2pm tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I'll be ohk. On the other hand, I'm not too sure how I did on my Econ 1 final, but hopefully I'll be able to pull at least a C or even a D (if i'm lucky). The douche of a teacher left us half way through the course, leaving us with no class for two weeks, a sub for two weeks, and a final sub for the last week of the semester. They better be damn well lenient on our grades. I'm sure no one in the class knows nothing about the subject. So lame.

I also finished up my last day of Peer Advisory or working at school. It was pretty sad to go, but I know I may actually miss it. I'm glad I got to work for the school, it really did give me experience in giving tours for other schools of the campus, helping students register for classes, and other shizz. Hopefully I'll be able to do the same at UCSB. I definitely won't miss some people, like my boss who always seemed to be a sneaky, nosy, and more than often times bitchy boss a lot of the time. Thank jeebus that's done and over with.

Ahhh! New York City is in FOUR DAYS!!! I really need get my shizz together. haha Hopefully I'll be able to borrow Krystle's luggage, since my $300 McQ luggage ended up being way too small to carry all my fabulous clothing.

Anyways, I need to start studying. haha

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anna Wintour: 60 Minutes

PS. Happy Birthday little bro!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Vince told me how Ellen DeGeneres made a commencement speech at Tulane University's graudating class of 2009 and I absolutely loved it! She needs to be at my college graduation!! I'd die. It was insightful, funny, true, and amazing! Ugh, I LOVE ELLEN.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Death week has just begun (aka finals.) Pray for me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The CW/CBS 5

I just got my first full fledged internship at The CW/CBS 5!! I'm super excited! Thought I should just mention that in my blog! Yay, the ball is finally rolling! Bring it on bitches!!

Samsonite Black Label by Alexander McQueen

My luggage has finally arrived!! I was able to snag the Alexander McQueen Samsonite Ostrich Upright Rolling 20" for a whopping $288 ($305 + tax/shipping) during a Gilt sale. I seriously woke up at 8am in the morning to place an order online and while the sale started promptly at 8am, the computer kept telling me the item was in someone's cart already. So I waited, waited and refreshed a few times and luckily was able to snag one! Then I went straight to check out and viola! I waited a good 3 weeks and it finally arrived today! My first designer luggage! I'm glad it's not LV or Gucci or anything like that. I think I have a much low key preference when it comes to my luggage, plus I wouldn't want it stolen. And the fact that it's in collaboration with Samsonite Black Luggage makes it even better, because I know their luggage is the shit. Even though it was still a good $305, I think it's definitely an investment. I mean, luggage is always needed, right? RIGHT. Now I'm super excited about NY in 2 weeks! yay!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

End of school = stress

I only have about two weeks of school left, and I feel like I have a pretty hefty load of projects, studying, and homework to be done. But thankfully my New York trip is the week right after my last final. I'm taking Economics 1 & 2 and I hate myself for not dropping the classes sooner. I only took them, because they were prereq's for my major at Cal, and I didn't get into Cal so I'm stuck with them! The only way I can withdraw from the stupid class is if I petition to withdraw myself and that just takes a whole bunch of work, so I'm going to stick it through. AHHHH! Other than that, I have to:

+ Study eight chapters for my Biology Final next Tuesday
+ Study for a lab final for Biology
+ Prep a 2 page study guide for my 300 pt Economics 1 Final
+ Study for my Economics 2 Final which includes 10 chapters
+ Prep my speech about PR for my speech tomorrow
+ Prep my group speech for Speech class next Friday

AHHH, I die. I can't wait for it to be all over. I'm glad I don't have to worry about History as our teacher gave us the option to stop the class with the current grades we have now or continue with a substitute as she went to surgery for her toe today. Luckily, I was able to pull out an 88.79% in the class, so I said hell with it! and opted out of the class. Ugh, I basically have 4 more finals and I'll be done with my community college experience! Hallelujah!

Lenny's Bum!

Lenny Kravitz released this photo on his TwitPic account and it only leads me to one question, "I wonder what the front looks like?!" Just sayin..

Jessica Biel as a STRIPPER!

I totally had to blog about this. Jessica Biel is starring in a new film called Powder Blue where she plays a stripper and these scenes of her dancing is extremely hot, sexy, raunchy, and yummy. No wonder them straight boys drool on this luscious lady, she's gorgeous. Plus, we get to see what Justin enjoys and her lovely tities! haha Enjoy the clip below. =)

Monday, May 11, 2009


So Krystle, Anna, and Vince came over to do some Bio stuff that we were all behind on, and we ended up mixing some drinks and taking some shots. Unfortunately, that lead to some drunkness. I'm actually blogging right now pretty drunk, and I'm about to fall asleep.

School is about to end in two weeks, and I'm struggling in two of my classes. I am about to shoot myself with all the stress I have. I hate both my economics class. ugh. I wish I was in SB already. Ah, and I had my phone interview with CBS 5 and The CW's Akilah Monifa today, and I think it went well. I'm sending her two references tomorrow and I'm pretty positive I'll be able to snag this summer internship! Whoo hoo! Go ISHMAEL! =)

<33 Ish

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Krystle and I took a small road trip down to Santa Barbara so that I could attend their Gaucho Transfer Friday. It was cool, had an hour presentation and an hour tour. It was also cool to get a sense of what school is really like there while in session. I really do think SB is one of the most beautiful campuses I have been to, and I can finally say that I'm excited! I know it'll be a big change, but I definitely feel like it's a much needed change. I feel that being kind of far from home will allow me to grow tougher skin and allow me to assure myself that I can survive independently. Anna was supposed to go, but her work held her back unfortunately. Jamal was also supposed to go, but in Krystle's words "catted out" last minute, which was pretty lame. But I'm really lucky Krystle was there with me. I'm glad she really got to see what my life would be like...without her. =( The worst part of the trip was when I forgot my effin wallet at home when we were two hours away already!!! It sucked so bad, but thankfully Krystle had her cc, and helped me out! Thank jeebus, or else we would have been stranded in some weird hill-billy town. But overall, definitely memorable (like our car conversations!) Here are a few pictures of our trip:

The lovely quad at UCSB. Stork Tower The new Engineering Building The Mazanita Village (my new dorm) The view from my new dorm. AMAZING.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sex on a stick.

Megan Fox on the June 2009 issue of ELLE. Talk about ferosh. *drools.*

Simply Delicious, Chanel No. 5

With Audrey Tautou playing Gabrielle Coco Chanel in this year's COCO: Before Chanel, I happened to run across Tautou's commercial for Chanel's perfume,Chanel No. 5. With Nicole Kidman playing the leading lady in last year's commercial, it seems like Tautou's commercial is just as breathtaking. I absolutely love how Uncle Karl picks the faces of his campaigns. It seems like he picks women with an awkward yet beautiful sexuality. He's actually chosen Lily Allen to be the new face for Chanel's handbag collection, so we'll see how that goes. I'm sure I'll be posting that here as I am an avid fan of her drunkass. Here's the two Chanel No. 5 commercials with Nicole Kidman's stunning masterpiece, and Audrey Tautou's equally stunning masterpiece. Enjoy.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Must See.

Looks like Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen will be sicker than the first. Can't wait. Josh Duhamel better be in it, shirtless. Oh and Shia too, can't forget Megan! =)