Sunday, May 31, 2009

NYC update part 2

Its been one long day today. But let me blog about yesterday.

Yesterday we woke up around 9am and got ready for the Cruise Line to take us to the Statue of Liberty. We took a taxi to the spot and boarded the ship. The ship took us along the North River and we got to see everything from a river view like Manhatten, Greenwhich, Tribeca and West Village! Before the statue of liberty we got to see Ellis Island and New Jersey. Then we got to see the statue of liberty, which was absolutely breathtaking! It was super huge and we learned that the statue is only 2 pennies thin! Then we got to see the Brooklyn Bridge. After that we decided to grab some hot dogs at the infamous Grays Papaya. Those hot dogs totally shit on costco hotdogs! Then we decided to visit New Yorks Natural History Museum where the Night at the Museum was filmed! It was fun and we got to see all the animals and dinosaurs! Then we decided to shop a bit and go to Fifth Avenue for the first time. I seriously died when I saw a glimpse of Bergdorf Goodman! I was able to purchase my YSL cologne and was amazed I bought my first item at Bergdorf. Ugh the feeling was amazing despite the feeling of feeling poor around their fabulous clothes! After fifth avenue we had dinner at the the legendary Koi which was such a delight! High class sushi and a lychee martini is total New York style. Later that night Jamie and I decided to get some cake to surprise and celebrate my sister's 20th birthday! She was totally surprised despite her crying because she missed home. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! <33

Today we woke up at noon and decided to finally get dressed. Grabbed a couple hot dogs and decided to shop at Fifth Avenue (the best place ever!). This time I bought a few souvieners for some friends and family (they're totally going to love em!). Got em some things from the DISNEY store! Then we decided to get some things @ H&M. My sister bought herself some cute shoes and a dress from Nine West and American Apparel. Tonight we plan on going to LES (lower east side) to celebrate my sisters bday! We'll see what happens. Tomorrow, our last full day in NYC my sister, Jamie and I plan on taking the Sex in The City tour! That's going to be super exciting! Alright, getting ready to go out! Till next time! <33


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