Sunday, March 29, 2009

Times Flying!!

Wow, time feels like its just going by quicker and quicker by the second. This coming week won't be too friendly since I have about two exams, 1 quiz, and a speech. But once it's all over, it's SPRING BREAK!! Can't wait (even though all of my friends have just come back from their spring break!). Unlike my friends, I'll be spending my spring break at various high schools and talking to them about college. How boring!! Ugh, I just can't wait for the end of May till New York!!

Birthday plans are coming along. Jessica and I will be shopping for our outfits this weekend. EXCITING!! The LILY ALLEN concert is this saturday, and will be even more exciting!!

I just finished watching the Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton Documentary, and I loved it! It just reiterates my passion and the things I love and Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton!! haha

Till next time, I will keep you posted on how my always awful Monday's go. =)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Adventurous Sunday

WOW. Talk about a day!! Jessica, Keith, Vince, Ha, Anh, and I went to the De Young Museum today to visit the Yves Saint Laurent and Andy Warhol exhibit, which will be leaving the museum soon. So we had to see them before the pieces went god knows where. First things first, I got home last night at about 4am from hanging out with some friends, which made it really hard to wake up the next morning. We were supposed to leave at 930am, but decided to push back the time to 11am to give us all some time to sleep in. We ended up being lost in the city for about two hours trying to find the dang museum. Talk about patience. After that we met up with Anh and Ha who found the museum right away. They ended up leaving as soon as we got there since they practically saw both exhibits while we were lost!! Anyways, as soon as we entered the museum, we were all instantly excited. I knew YSL had to be first. As soon as I walked in, I felt this tremendous feeling of passion when I saw the first piece to my left. There were about 125 pieces of clothing ranging from gowns, tuxedo pieces, pants, jackets, coats, capes, head pieces, and so much more. I felt so overwhelmed, I examined and took in every single piece. It was so interesting to look at the details and seams in each of the collections. I had man favorite pieces, but I couldn't take pictures of them since photography was not allowed. I highly recommended taking a trip down to the De Young Museum to visit this exhibit. It was truly inspiring and amazingly put together. I had to buy a poster of a sketch Yves Saint Laurent had done years ago as a souvenir. AHHHHH, I LOVED IT AND SERIOUSLY COULD HAVE DIED THERE.

Jessica & I


Partners in crime for the day

After the YSL exhibit, we headed towards the Andy Warhol exhibit, which was just as great!! Jessica loves Andy, so it was even more fun for her. I got to see the original Interview magazine covers which include paintings/drawings of Diana Ross, Cher, Sting, Michael Jackson, Debbie Harry and so much more. I'm an avid Interview Magazine fan, so it was amazing to see the past issues when he was running the editorial. Other then that, we got to see some of his most famous pieces of work which included the Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones, Banana, Cole Bottles, and Elvis Presley silk screen pieces.

Towards the end of the day, we ate at King Thai, checked out Marc by Marc Jacobs (of course), and stopped by American Apparel. Out of the whole day, we kept count of how many prius' we saw and we ended with 54!! Man, Prius' will be taking over. That's for sure.
Other then that, my weekend was pretty relaxing. I had no work at all nor did I do much with my studies. I will be studying shortly as I have two exams in two weeks! Whats new.. haha

For some birthday updates, Jessica and I went to check out Sino and the Valencia Hotel where we will be FOR SURE be having out twenty first birthdays at!! Ha, Christina and I went to pick up some invitation stuff and started on them. Jessica will be coming over to further analyze our plans. Can't wait, it's all coming together!!

As for some colleges updates, this week I have finally heard from two colleges. I have been accepted to both the University of California Irvine & Santa Barbara. I have only told a couple of friends, but I think at this point I will be keeping all other acceptances or rejections private until I hear from UCLA (my first choice), so wish me luck!! Till next time..

<33 Ish.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This felt like such an intense week, yet it went by so quickly. I practically can't remember what happened during the week. Seems like I won't be having any tests for the next two weeks, yay!. I'm far from A's in three of my classes, but definitely not failing....hopefully. I really hope I can pull out of this semester with C's and above. That's all I need!! And not hearing back from the Universities about my acceptances or rejections is really getting to me. I'm so anxious, I want to see my results already!!

Aside from school, work has been alright. I'm really hoping to get a position at the new Michael Kors store, which should be opening this spring!! So excited, but i'll be even more excited if I hear back from them and end up getting a new job!! I believe it is time for me to move on with my life at Solstice Sunglass Boutique. This coming May will mark my two years at the corporation. Don't get me wrong, I have had amazing opportunities given to me there such as being on NBC's KCRA television and representing Solstice on AIR and actually having my first management position!! I just don't feel excited to work there anymore, and I am a strong believer in feeling happy to go to work. Plus with my big dreams I need to start getting out there, especially if I want to pursue working in FASHION. Working under Michael Kors will allow me to actually get experience of working under a designer and being one on one with his collections.

As of Tuesday, Jessica and I have finally been able to come up with birthday plans for our twenty first birthdays. And does it sound amazing!! We plan on having our celebration on the 17th of April in San Jose. We will be having our small dinner/reception at SINOS on Santana Row, and also plan on having a room at the Valencia Hotel, which is absolutely to DIE FOR. The theme for our birthday will be strictly formal with a dash of METALLIC to some spice into our guests outfits. Instead of having a cake for Jessica and I, we plan on having to tiers of Cupcakes with foils of silver and gold to accentuate the theme. And to add onto the deliciousness of the cupcakes, we want to also have Champagne!! AHHH, I'm getting excited as I type. This Saturday, we will be going over to Santana Row to check out the venue and hotel. Hopefully all goes well. =) I will keep you posted.

Right now, I'm just doing some speech homework. I will be interviewing Eden Wexler who is the Public Relations Specialist at Solstice Sunglass Boutique. It would be such an honor to interview her since she is so involved with fashion accessories and is the one that coordinates celebrity events!! She contacted me a few weeks ago, but her being in New York she is seemingly always busy. Hopefully she can respond to me soon!! Alright, Until next time..

Before I leave, I just wanted to post up this video of what seems to be The Osbournes new reality show. I thought the clip was hilarious. You're going to love it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fav. Fall 2009 Collections

Marc Jacobs

Alexander Mcqueen


Alexander Wang

Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally, a day off.

Qoute of the day: "The most important relationship you have in your life is the relationship you have with yourself." - Diane Von Furstenburg

It's Friday, and I actually got to sleep in!! No work, no work at school, and no school. Just me time. I have some studying to do today, a few errands, and most of all, just some great rest time. I figured if I'm able to accomplish those things, I'll be completely less stressed.

This week for school was pretty good. I'm pretty sure I bombed by Economics 2 quiz and Lab quiz for Biology 10. BUT!! I did happen to get a 47 out of 50 on my Biology exam #2. Yay, for me. haha School is going OK....for now.

Yesterday at work, I realized I had a fat hole on my pants on my right thigh! NOT OHK. I had to do a whole 4 hour shift with a fat hole in my thing exposing my underwear. HORRIBLE. H&M, Gap, Men's Macys, and Express Men didn't have anything. Worst night at work ever.

As for things with New York, things are coming along slowly, but surely. I have pretty much our itinerary ideas out, just need to organize them a bit. We still need a hotel and our trip is in 2 months!! Hopefully, I'll have enough money to be OK for the whole week we're there. Knowing me, I'll probably be broke by the 3rd day with my shopping habits. =/ But I'm still SUPER EXCITED!!

Spring, is on its way and its only time I pull out my denim/plaid/chino shorts, boat shoes, short sleeve button ups and collar shirts, and fedoras!! I have definitely been browsing a few spring collections to get a glimpse of inspiration, and man oh man am I loving Marc by Marc Jacobs spring 2009 collection!! It is definitely my type of style. Here's 3 of my favorite looks from the collection. The image with the sunglasses are the sunglasses from his spring collection and I'm DYING to get a pair in my hands. Seriously, I'm dying. haha Can't wait for lent to be over (Since i have up SHOPPING for lent), so I can check out the boutique in the city, and I'm positive they'll have his spring collection out for me to browse. AHH! I also want his double belted belts, plaid shorts, and blazers! I know the cuffing of the bottom of the pants this spring are big as you see it in collections such as Burberry, Lavin, and more.

AHH!! On a side note, my birthday is in 4 weeks!!. APRIL 15th. I have no idea what I plan on doing, but i believe Jessica and I will throw a great birthday together, since our bdays are two days apart. (note to self: START PLANNING!) Has to be big though, I'm turning twenty one!! Ideas?

<33 Ish.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The greatest art is to endure." - Yves Saint Laurent

Hmm, well to start with today's quick blog (only because I have so much to do!), man am I overwhelmingly busy!!! =( Seventeen units, 2 jobs, a mandatory social life, and planning a New York trip is stressing me out to the max. This past Sunday was Daylight Savings Time and it only made matters worst! With a habit to be ahead in my studies, I honestly feel for the first time that I am trailing further and further behind. =( I was talking to Jess last night and she told me that, "The only reason we take things on, is because we know we can get through them." So I have to ENDURE (hence my headline/qoute). I know I can overcome this hectic-ness. I have to if I want to making the big money!!. I definitely can't wait for New York City. Once all this semester is done, I am definitely going to treat myself to a nice shopping spree! Def a MUST. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, how I'd love for it to be the end of May already.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Testing, Testing..1..2..3..

AHH ! I seriously need to go back to blogging, not to mention designing! Once school has become less of a burden, I promise to make more of a read-worthy blog. So STAY TUNED! =)

<33 Ish.

[/EDIT.] With a web designing hobby/past, you know I had to make my page look somewhat cute. haha