Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The greatest art is to endure." - Yves Saint Laurent

Hmm, well to start with today's quick blog (only because I have so much to do!), man am I overwhelmingly busy!!! =( Seventeen units, 2 jobs, a mandatory social life, and planning a New York trip is stressing me out to the max. This past Sunday was Daylight Savings Time and it only made matters worst! With a habit to be ahead in my studies, I honestly feel for the first time that I am trailing further and further behind. =( I was talking to Jess last night and she told me that, "The only reason we take things on, is because we know we can get through them." So I have to ENDURE (hence my headline/qoute). I know I can overcome this hectic-ness. I have to if I want to making the big money!!. I definitely can't wait for New York City. Once all this semester is done, I am definitely going to treat myself to a nice shopping spree! Def a MUST. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, how I'd love for it to be the end of May already.



  1. i wanna go to new york new york (brooklyn accent)! haha