Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally, a day off.

Qoute of the day: "The most important relationship you have in your life is the relationship you have with yourself." - Diane Von Furstenburg

It's Friday, and I actually got to sleep in!! No work, no work at school, and no school. Just me time. I have some studying to do today, a few errands, and most of all, just some great rest time. I figured if I'm able to accomplish those things, I'll be completely less stressed.

This week for school was pretty good. I'm pretty sure I bombed by Economics 2 quiz and Lab quiz for Biology 10. BUT!! I did happen to get a 47 out of 50 on my Biology exam #2. Yay, for me. haha School is going OK....for now.

Yesterday at work, I realized I had a fat hole on my pants on my right thigh! NOT OHK. I had to do a whole 4 hour shift with a fat hole in my thing exposing my underwear. HORRIBLE. H&M, Gap, Men's Macys, and Express Men didn't have anything. Worst night at work ever.

As for things with New York, things are coming along slowly, but surely. I have pretty much our itinerary ideas out, just need to organize them a bit. We still need a hotel and our trip is in 2 months!! Hopefully, I'll have enough money to be OK for the whole week we're there. Knowing me, I'll probably be broke by the 3rd day with my shopping habits. =/ But I'm still SUPER EXCITED!!

Spring, is on its way and its only time I pull out my denim/plaid/chino shorts, boat shoes, short sleeve button ups and collar shirts, and fedoras!! I have definitely been browsing a few spring collections to get a glimpse of inspiration, and man oh man am I loving Marc by Marc Jacobs spring 2009 collection!! It is definitely my type of style. Here's 3 of my favorite looks from the collection. The image with the sunglasses are the sunglasses from his spring collection and I'm DYING to get a pair in my hands. Seriously, I'm dying. haha Can't wait for lent to be over (Since i have up SHOPPING for lent), so I can check out the boutique in the city, and I'm positive they'll have his spring collection out for me to browse. AHH! I also want his double belted belts, plaid shorts, and blazers! I know the cuffing of the bottom of the pants this spring are big as you see it in collections such as Burberry, Lavin, and more.

AHH!! On a side note, my birthday is in 4 weeks!!. APRIL 15th. I have no idea what I plan on doing, but i believe Jessica and I will throw a great birthday together, since our bdays are two days apart. (note to self: START PLANNING!) Has to be big though, I'm turning twenty one!! Ideas?

<33 Ish.


  1. VEGAS BABY! let's friggen goooooo! i've been itching to go this year possibly for my birthday because i was super preggo last year and had a baby shower my birthday weekend! let's parlay in sin city for my bday!!!

  2. damn ish you too stylish for me. but i would love the 3rd picture on you =)