Sunday, March 22, 2009

Adventurous Sunday

WOW. Talk about a day!! Jessica, Keith, Vince, Ha, Anh, and I went to the De Young Museum today to visit the Yves Saint Laurent and Andy Warhol exhibit, which will be leaving the museum soon. So we had to see them before the pieces went god knows where. First things first, I got home last night at about 4am from hanging out with some friends, which made it really hard to wake up the next morning. We were supposed to leave at 930am, but decided to push back the time to 11am to give us all some time to sleep in. We ended up being lost in the city for about two hours trying to find the dang museum. Talk about patience. After that we met up with Anh and Ha who found the museum right away. They ended up leaving as soon as we got there since they practically saw both exhibits while we were lost!! Anyways, as soon as we entered the museum, we were all instantly excited. I knew YSL had to be first. As soon as I walked in, I felt this tremendous feeling of passion when I saw the first piece to my left. There were about 125 pieces of clothing ranging from gowns, tuxedo pieces, pants, jackets, coats, capes, head pieces, and so much more. I felt so overwhelmed, I examined and took in every single piece. It was so interesting to look at the details and seams in each of the collections. I had man favorite pieces, but I couldn't take pictures of them since photography was not allowed. I highly recommended taking a trip down to the De Young Museum to visit this exhibit. It was truly inspiring and amazingly put together. I had to buy a poster of a sketch Yves Saint Laurent had done years ago as a souvenir. AHHHHH, I LOVED IT AND SERIOUSLY COULD HAVE DIED THERE.

Jessica & I


Partners in crime for the day

After the YSL exhibit, we headed towards the Andy Warhol exhibit, which was just as great!! Jessica loves Andy, so it was even more fun for her. I got to see the original Interview magazine covers which include paintings/drawings of Diana Ross, Cher, Sting, Michael Jackson, Debbie Harry and so much more. I'm an avid Interview Magazine fan, so it was amazing to see the past issues when he was running the editorial. Other then that, we got to see some of his most famous pieces of work which included the Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones, Banana, Cole Bottles, and Elvis Presley silk screen pieces.

Towards the end of the day, we ate at King Thai, checked out Marc by Marc Jacobs (of course), and stopped by American Apparel. Out of the whole day, we kept count of how many prius' we saw and we ended with 54!! Man, Prius' will be taking over. That's for sure.
Other then that, my weekend was pretty relaxing. I had no work at all nor did I do much with my studies. I will be studying shortly as I have two exams in two weeks! Whats new.. haha

For some birthday updates, Jessica and I went to check out Sino and the Valencia Hotel where we will be FOR SURE be having out twenty first birthdays at!! Ha, Christina and I went to pick up some invitation stuff and started on them. Jessica will be coming over to further analyze our plans. Can't wait, it's all coming together!!

As for some colleges updates, this week I have finally heard from two colleges. I have been accepted to both the University of California Irvine & Santa Barbara. I have only told a couple of friends, but I think at this point I will be keeping all other acceptances or rejections private until I hear from UCLA (my first choice), so wish me luck!! Till next time..

<33 Ish.

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  1. you got in!! yay! let me know as soon as you hear from UCLA! loves it! why wasn't i invited to the museum!