Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The (top) Role Models for i-D Magazine

i-d-fall-2012-emma-summerton-03 i-d-fall-2012-emma-summerton-01
FIERCE TO THE BONE!!! Jourdan, Aymeline, Linda, Natalya, Kristen, Karen, Isabeli, Gisele, Amber, and Stephanie all look absolutely dynamite in their own individual covers for i-D Magazine. In the world of beauty and fashion, it's all about the face. Clearly these ladies it and more. I was seriously trying to pick a favorite for 10 minutes, but I was clearly going cray cray since they're all stunning. Ugh too much beauty!!!!!!!
linda-evangelista-i-d-magazine-01 natasha-poly-i-d-magazine-01 kristen-mcmenamy-i-d-magazine-01 karen-elson-i-d-magazine-01 isabeli-fontana-i-d-magazine-01 gisele-bundchen-i-d-magazine-01 amber-valletta-i-d-magazine-01 stephanie-seymour-i-d-magazine-01

Photos from The Design Scene.

Jacquelyn Jablonski for Vogue Russia October 2012

jacquelyn-jablonski8 jacquelyn-jablonski2
If you read my blog, then you know how much of a sucker I am for a stunning beauty & bijoux spread. French Vogue always has these kinds of editorials I love, but I really like this one Vogue Russia did with Jacquelyn Jablonski, which was styled by makeup artist Alice Ghendrih and hair stylist Christian Eberhard. I would love to be covered in jewels and couture. Wouldn't you?! C'est tres belle!
jacquelyn-jablonski5 jacquelyn-jablonski6 jacquelyn-jablonski10 jacquelyn-jablonski7 jacquelyn-jablonski11

Photos from Fashion Gone Rogue.

Daphne Groeneveld for Harper’s Bazaar US

Stylist Clare Richardson does an amazing job styling one of my favs, Daphne Groeneveld in this editorial shot by Nathaniel Goldberg for Harper's Bazaar US. With simple sophisticated looks from Armani, Ralph Lauren, Celine, Calvin Klein, and Bottega Veneta, Daphne is sure to make an impression on women around the world. Less is by means of this editorial, simply more.
daphne-groeneveld-harpers-bazaar-us-02 daphne-groeneveld-harpers-bazaar-us-03 daphne-groeneveld-harpers-bazaar-us-04 daphne-groeneveld-harpers-bazaar-us-05 daphne-groeneveld-harpers-bazaar-us-06 daphne-groeneveld-harpers-bazaar-us-07

Photos from The Design Scene.

Collaboration: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

I'm sure everyone has seen this by now, but the video accompanying this collaboration needs to be blogged about. It's pure genius. We all need a fashion shower. But speaking of the collection, I don't really have anything positive to say other than the fact that it's classic ADR. Too much is too much, but that's the ADR style and for the women that thinks more is always more. Besides, nothing is sexy than excess right?!

New York Fashion Week Favs SS 2013: Part Two

001-tiles 010-tiles 016-tiles 028-tiles 040-tiles

3.1 Phillip Lim // I'm pretty sure everyone loved Phillip Lim's SS 13 collection. The presentation was young, hip, cool, sexy, and fun. I loved the play on the iconic "I Love New York" shirts. I, among a ton of my friends, are dying to get our hands on them as soon as they are available come winter. I also loved the pink overalls (Leandra too!), which btw seems like a pretty big trend for the season. The 90's punk inspired collection also showcased fun prints, cuts, and super sleek shoes. Amazing right?!

004-tilea 022-tilea 040-tilea 046-tilea

Marc By Marc Jacobs // I feel partial to MMJ, because throughout my early years in college, I bought a lot from the MMJ store off of the Fillmore in San Francisco. At the time, it was all I could pretty much afford that was still fun, contemporary, and stylish. MMJ is always an exciting collection to see because it's always refreshingly youthful, fun, and urban with it's play on color, prints, layering, and even slogans sometimes. This season, Marc took his striped motif from his first line and infused it to his contemporary collection adding soft colors and bold geometric prints. I love a good turban, don't you?!

004-tiler 016-tiler 028-tiler

Marchesa // Marchesa's SS 13 collection reminded me of McQueen's The Girl Who Lived In The Tree collection, but it was nonetheless breathtakingly stunning. The India inspired presentation was absolutely beautiful from start to end. Like most of their collections, the ensembles were more than red carpet worthy. Umm Zoe Saldana in that plum dress on Cara Delevingne?! Or that white floral embellished mini on Michelle Williams?! Hells to the yes.

001-tiled 004-tiled 022-tiled 028-tiled

Proenza Schouler // It takes a particular girl to pull off clothes from Proenza Schouler, but as always, it's always the cool ones that do. And who doesn't want to dress like a cool chick?! I DO! PS's SS 13 collection was filled with pops of sky blues, lime greens, cobalt blues, and classic blacks and whites, but the fun was in the prints and the patchwork detailing within the collection. I'm sure Kate Bosworth has a few pieces she's going cray cray over. What do you guys think?

001-tile 004-tile 010-tile 034-tile

Theskyens Theory // Olivier is one hell of a designer and everyone knows that. What was Nina Ricci thinking when they let him go?! Clearly it was all for the best since his SS 13 collection for Theory was beyond amazeballs. Super chic and super sexy. HELLO!? That Tuxedo dress?! Although the collection was monochromatic throughout, it was strong, cohesive, and downright chic. J'adore!
All Photos from Before You Kill Us All.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Street Trends: NYFW SS 2013

Now that I'm living in the fashion capital of the US nation, I see so many inspiring ensembles on the street that it's really encouraged me to invest in both classic and daring pieces. I just bought a Marni piece and I've got another soon (WEEEE!!!!!). Oh, and Kenzo too!!! Ugh my love for Kenzo has multiplied, not too good. AHHHH!!!!!!!
rynoluke 1209070862 niketomsachs 1209071397 1209060307 westwoodhat 1209071233 pradasmoking lvgaston julia-sarr-jamois-wonderland

Photos from Jak&Jill, Street FSN, & Street Peeper.