Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The (top) Role Models for i-D Magazine

i-d-fall-2012-emma-summerton-03 i-d-fall-2012-emma-summerton-01
FIERCE TO THE BONE!!! Jourdan, Aymeline, Linda, Natalya, Kristen, Karen, Isabeli, Gisele, Amber, and Stephanie all look absolutely dynamite in their own individual covers for i-D Magazine. In the world of beauty and fashion, it's all about the face. Clearly these ladies it and more. I was seriously trying to pick a favorite for 10 minutes, but I was clearly going cray cray since they're all stunning. Ugh too much beauty!!!!!!!
linda-evangelista-i-d-magazine-01 natasha-poly-i-d-magazine-01 kristen-mcmenamy-i-d-magazine-01 karen-elson-i-d-magazine-01 isabeli-fontana-i-d-magazine-01 gisele-bundchen-i-d-magazine-01 amber-valletta-i-d-magazine-01 stephanie-seymour-i-d-magazine-01

Photos from The Design Scene.

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