Monday, September 3, 2012

Louis Vuitton X The Selby Part Duex

I think it's incredible that LV has a train traveling around the world right now. The Selby was lucky enough to be a passenger along the luxury train stopping in Shanghai and Paris. Lucky for them, they got to view some of the most beautiful sceneries around them during their travels. I miss traveling via train, it's so peaceful and you really do get to appreciate the views. I remember looking out the windows during my train rides around Europe and they were visually stunning and so picturesque. Enjoy!
066__5_27_12_MongoliaGobi56925 051__5_27_12_MongoliaGobi56427 068__5_28_12_BeijingTrain57198 053__5_27_12_MongoliaGobi56532 030__5_25_12_EastSiberiaLV54652 031__5_26_12_SiberiatoMongolia54815 041__5_27_12_ChinaBorderNight58472 013__5_24_12_WestSiberiaLV53145 023__5_25_12_EastSiberiaLV53768 006__5_24_12_WestSiberiaLV52810

Photos from The Selby.

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