Wednesday, September 30, 2009

UCSB Schedule

Still no internet, which means I'm still soaking up the free wifi at school. Hey, at least it's free. Anyways, here's my little schedule for the week.

9am to 12pm - Interning (CBS)
1pm - French 1
4pm - Gym

8am - Communication 1
1pm - French 1
5pm - Ed 118; Honors

9am to 12pm - Interning (CBS)
1pm - French 1
4pm - Gym

8am - Communication 1
1pm - French 1
5pm - Ed 118; Honors

10am - Gym
1pm - Communication sections

Sat - Sun:
PARTYING! Oh, and studying.

Wow, since school has finally started I've been running around like crazy. After transferring into a quarter system from a semester system you really need to hit the ground running. I've been talking to the communication dept, french dept, and my advisers to make sure I get all my stuff done. I have much to accomplish here at UCSB, which includes:

- obtaining a full Communication major (after finishing up 3 pre reqs for the major)
- planning my EAP program to France in the summer (super excited!)
- fulfilling my honors curriculum before graduation, so that I can graduate with highest honors (top 10% baby!)
- getting into Phi Beta Kappa (an honorary frat)
- involving myself with clubs
- and finally graduating!

I was thinking about minoring in French, but I visited the French dept today, and I just came to the conclusion that with Comm being my focus and all my honors curriculum, I would be overloading myself. Plus, I would have to take about 60 units to fulfill the French minor, but I only need 78 units to graduate! It's more complicated than what I'm trying to say right now, but i'll spare you the educational details. But I'm super excited to get started! =)

Oh, yesterday the roommates and I drank. It was super fun. Met a few guys who seem to be very cool! This week is pre-rush, so I'll be partying it up for sure! Ahhh, and I think I can actually drink beer now. I've had about 7 different kinds just being here in SB. I really like this one called "Wild Blue," which I had for the first time and it tastes like blueberries! Ahhh, anyways I really need to study! Till next time.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Still no internet, I'm DYING.

Sorry for the lack of blogs. I still have not internet in my apartment! I'm honestly not too sure when we'll be getting it, but I'm sure it will be soon.

Right now I am in the library soaking up the free WiFi. Earlier I had my first class, which was Communications 1! There was about 400 people in the class, and it was pretty cool. Professor Mullin, seems great. Although I hear that the class is intense and quite difficult, I have come into the class with one fierce mentality: Bite there heads off before they bite mine! So watch out fellow comm majors. =)

OMG! Before class, I unlocked my bike and the U part of my lock got stuck in between my wheel. Since I was about to be late for class I left it in my wheel, lol. But thankfully I got it out. YAY!

I have a class earlier today at 5pm! It's my first "night class" here. We'll see how that goes. Until then folks..

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Sartorialist Fav's pt. 2


I'm Alive!

Quick update:

1. I'm alive.
2. I am officially moved into my new SB apartment.
3. I don't have internet nor cable in my new apartment, yet.
4. I'm currently at home getting a few things and dropping off a few things now that I'm settled in.
5. Since I'm home, I'm going to watch The September Issue FINALLY!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

They're BACK! SATC 2!


Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha are back and ready for action! My favorite foursome are currently filming for the Sex And The City sequel, which of course is in production in the wonderful city of New York. Stylist, Patrica Field was also on set working her magic and by the look of things, she has everything down to a thread! The girls are working it with their outfits! I can't wait for the movie to come out on May 28th, 2010. I will definitely be attending a midnight showing of this movie. Every time I'm down, I just stick my SATC dvd into my laptop, and they always seem to never let me down. =)

Anja Rubik for Numéro

Anja Rubik in Numéro2 Anja Rubik in Numéro1 Anja Rubik in Numéro3 Anja Rubik in Numéro4 tt_Anja Rubik in Numéro5

Monday, September 7, 2009

The end of a Chapter.

AHHHHH! It is all over, practically. I can't believe I am 1. not working at Solstice anymore 2. not waking up at 7am for my internship, which is also kaput! 3. not in school, yet. I just honestly can't believe it is all over, well at least this chapter in my life. It was all fun while it lasted, and I guess I am ready for the next chapter my life has in store for me. So lets do a little rewind of the previous week, which was practically "GOODBYE" week for me from everyone.

Thursday, 09.03.09 - I wake up this morning about to attend my last day at the CBS station. I can't believe my summer internship is finally over! It went by so fast, I can't believe it has vanished right before my eyes. I have learned a tremendous amount of information that I'm sure will only advance my abilities and skills in the future world of PR for me. I am extremely lucky and thankful Akilah has given me such an opportunity. On my last day at the station, Akilah, knowing my interest in fashion, set me up with a fashion writer named Dino Ray Ramos. We had a fabulous lunch on Embarcadero, called Market Bar. I was able to convince and book him as a guest on our Bay Sunday show. Akilah and I were there during lunch to learn more about him and to reassure his position during the segment. He seems like he will be a great guest for the show, which tapes on September, 18th. I'm going to try my hardest to make it back to the bay for the taping! After all, I did book my first guest, and he's a fashion writer! He's also going to be taping the week before fashion week in NYC, so he told me he would have a ton of stories!

At the end of the day at my internship, my supervisor basically gives me the option to work remotely while I'm at school. I think interning at school for a whole year, will definitely look good on my resume. Plus, I will not only learn and experience more things, but I will be able to build better references. So yes, it is only the end of my internship physically at the CBS station. I will continue being an intern remotely, we'll see how that goes.

Later that night, I meet up with my coworkers for a goodbye dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was great to see Shannon, who left us last year because she was about to attend UC Riverside. She has grown up so much! The dinner really made it seem like everything was coming to an end as I ended my internship earlier that day. It was great to be with the whole staff and just reminisce on our two year journey together. I will truly miss them.

Friday, 09.04.09 - Don't remember what happened, but I do remember going to La Pinata with the girls and having our first pitcher of margaritas together now that we are all of age. yay!

Saturday, 09.05.09
- Don't remember what happened during the day, but at night all of our friends were going to celebrate my bff's 21st birthday. Long story short, everyone ends up flaking. Krystle gets upset, and I would too if everyone abandoned me on my birthday (oh wait that already happened, lol). Anna and I then just take her out to the Cheesecake Factory for drinks. It ends up becoming an eventful and wonderfully memorable dinner filled with calamari, drinks galore, and red velvet cheesecake!

Sunday, 09.06.09 - I wake up and start to get ready for my day. Anna, Krystle and I plan on helping Camilla out with some wedding dress shopping. We went to some place in Fremont, and we didn't find much. But we did find about 2 we liked overall. Check out her blog at I'm sure she'll be posting about it soon! It was such a reality check when I saw her come out in her first dress! She was such beauty, I was speechless! AHHHH! And out of our close knit of cousins, she will be the first one getting married! It will also be an honor to take part in the process of her wedding plans. I hope I can make it out to Vegas for her bachelorette party!

Later that night, I was planning on going out to dinner with the seven of my friends as a little goodbye celebration. I'm so lazy to blog right now that I'm just going to cut to the chase. They ended up throwing me a surprise "going away" party, which was more than I could ask for. I didn't know my friends planned it all a week before, and I was so overwhelemed to see everyone there. My coworkers, ex coworkers, family, and friends were all there. It was definitely a nice sight to see as I wasn't looking forward to saying goodbyes individually to everyone I knew. This party made it easier to say "see you later." =) Thanks to my good friends for throwing and putting this all together, I'm sure it wasn't easy. Ahhh I will everyone!


Today, 09.07.09 - I picked up my bed in Palo Alto this morning, while I'm hungover. I pretty much have all my things ready for my move in to SB. At this point I'm super stocked and just want to get started! I can't wait for this weekend as my family and friends will be coming along with me to help unpack and get settled in. AHHHH! 3 more days! =/

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My New Obsession: GLEE

Cory Monteith is my new boy friend. How cute is he? If you don't want to watch the whole pilot for Glee, then fast forward to the very end and listen to him sing. I'd die. I get goosebumps every time I watch him sing! The show is super good and doesn't seem like it will let down. It has charisma, humor, and is touching yet somewhat relate able. I can't wait for it to start in late September. I hope fox will showcase this show online! I won't have a TV. Then again I could use Pee Wee's flat screen TV.

Just watching the show also makes me miss high school. Maybe that's why I like it, because a part of me is able to remember the days by watching the show. The whole cast seems extremely talented. The black girl can def sing, and you can youtube her singing "Bust Your Window" by Jazmine Sullivan, and she does a great rendition. The show is basically about following these "losers" who are all part of the Glee Club. They live there life day to day in high school facing peer pressure, love, bullying, and self exploration. AHHH! I'm totally Glee'd OUT!!!

Naomi Campbell for V Magazine


Coco Rocha for Mexico Vogue

CocoRochainVogueMexico01-1 Canadian supermodel, Coco Rocha has been one of my absolute favorites of all time. Aside from Jessica Stam, Raquel Zimmerman, Natasha Poly, Lara Stone, and Daria Werbowy, she works it out each and every time. Not only is she versatile, but she's a constant chameleon. No wonder greats such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld look to her as a muse once upon a time. Her contagiously goofy personality and unique dancing background sets her apart from the rest. I believe she is an expert when working out with her angles. She also has one fierce cat walk which sets her apart, and that's what makes a supermodel so memorable. Presence is key when making it big as a supermodel, and she definitely has it in both photo shoots and on the run way.

Here is her cover for the September issue of Mexico Vogue. International Vogues have been killing it. I just realized my last post on Vogue was on Rhianna when she posed for Steven Klein on Italian Vogue. Anna, lets step it up!