Friday, May 29, 2009

NYC update part 1

Wow! I've been in New York City for four days already and I'm in love with NY! I honestly can see myself living here and having a career in the big apple. It is definetly the place for dreams and love! Can't post eye candy up because I'm blogging via my BB, but I'll talk about what we've been doing since then post a whole blog of pictures just for your viewing pleasure. Tuesday we flew in around 5pm and got into our hotel. We stayed at the Paramount Hotel in Times Square and the place was in the middle of construction so that sucked. The rooms we're pretty small too, but we figured that it didn't matter since we were out a majority of the day anyways. Tuesday night we ate our first meal at Heartland Brewery and had amazing burgers.
We spent all of Wenesday shopping downtown in SoHo. Shopping in downtown is absolutely a dream!! I bought a cute red pinstrip blazer from the great retailer Topshop/Topman, green skinnys and a blue pinstrip short sleeve from Uniqlo, black Levis skinnys, Quicksilver Boarshorts, and a shirt for my brother at Urban Outfitters. At the end of the day, the girls (My sister, Jamie, and Hart) walked down Spring Street to visit the Solstice there, Louis Vuitton, Etro, Bape, Jill Staurt, and so much more! Ahhh! I was going crazy. We saw the Anna Sui boutique there and decided to stop in. Thankfully I did, becuase I learned Anna has a line for men, so I had to buy something! I came out with a cute Anna Sui logo Vneck type shirt and I learned from the girls that it was the only Anna Sui in the US! So it was the shirt was definitely a priceless piece!
Thursday came and we basically met up with Azalea and Monte who flew in at 10am. From there we went to get food at a local eatery and decided to take them to SoHo and they loved it. Thankfully I didn't purchase anything then. After SoHo, we decided to do the whole bus tour and got to see the Empire State Building, the biggest Macys on Herald Square, and so much I can't remember right now. We also got to see Ground Zero which was absolutely breathtaking and sad. I couldn't help, but cry;that's how intense it was. And today I learned Prince Harry was at Ground Zero! What a bitch. Later that night we decided to go out and experience the night life in NYC. We headed for Pink Elephant,which we saw in MTV's The City. We couldn't get in becuase at the time we got there (12 something) we had to be on guestlist. So we went across the street to Cain. As soon as we got in we heard the most amazing old school remixes. The clubs out here totally shit on SF or SJ's club! They're all super strict, chic, and filled with gorgeous people! The bartender at Cain was totally a flirt with me (@ least that's what everyone said) and I was able to get 2 free shots of patron out of it. Ben (that's his name) was a total cutie. But other then that, the night was super fun!
Today, we woke up around 11am and had our first NY hot dog, which was pretty good. Then we continued the bus tour, which was great. We got to see where Jon Lennon was shot, where his wife and son live, where Jackie O lived, NY history Museum (where The Night @ The Museum was filmed) and so much more. We then got dropped off at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I learned it was the second most popular museum aside from the Louvre*. The museum was absolutely breathtaking as well. It was super huge and carried everything from modern to ancient pieces! I'll defintely show pics. Then we continued the bus tour and got to see the Upper East Side which was filled with mansions, highend stores like Gucci, Bergdorfs!, and so much more and on top of that we got to see Central Park! We plan on walking down Central Park and Fifth Avenue on Sunday. For dinner we went to our fav BBQ place here, Famous Daves and had a fabulous dinner with tons of mixed drinks. Tonight we plan on hitting up Pacha and the W lounge. So we'll see how that goes! Faboosh! <3



  1. ugh! sounds fucking amazing! i hella want to next time dude! since you will be an experience new yorker you can show me around!!! see you next week! (i know your not looking forward to coming home and reality but we miss you!!!!!!! lol)

  2. damnnnnn that sounds so fun! lucky lucky. shop shop till you drop!