Saturday, May 9, 2009


Krystle and I took a small road trip down to Santa Barbara so that I could attend their Gaucho Transfer Friday. It was cool, had an hour presentation and an hour tour. It was also cool to get a sense of what school is really like there while in session. I really do think SB is one of the most beautiful campuses I have been to, and I can finally say that I'm excited! I know it'll be a big change, but I definitely feel like it's a much needed change. I feel that being kind of far from home will allow me to grow tougher skin and allow me to assure myself that I can survive independently. Anna was supposed to go, but her work held her back unfortunately. Jamal was also supposed to go, but in Krystle's words "catted out" last minute, which was pretty lame. But I'm really lucky Krystle was there with me. I'm glad she really got to see what my life would be like...without her. =( The worst part of the trip was when I forgot my effin wallet at home when we were two hours away already!!! It sucked so bad, but thankfully Krystle had her cc, and helped me out! Thank jeebus, or else we would have been stranded in some weird hill-billy town. But overall, definitely memorable (like our car conversations!) Here are a few pictures of our trip:

The lovely quad at UCSB. Stork Tower The new Engineering Building The Mazanita Village (my new dorm) The view from my new dorm. AMAZING.


  1. That beach is like a getaway in your backyard! UGH, I'd love to take a book and just study out there. JEALOUS..but i'd miss you.

  2. oh my ggaawww! That's the view from ur dorm?? I am officially jealous! Congrats on UCSB! yayyy!!! When do u start? Fall?

  3. you always have the best banners! Congrats on UCSB and lucky that you have the beach right next to your dorms.