Thursday, May 21, 2009


While I was watching MTV's Real World/RR The Duel 2, Mark's hotass totally caught my eye and I just had to write about it and make him an obsession! Not only is his body banging, but he's in his late 30's! Talk about daddy! ;]

Anyways, as of today I have one more final to go! I have my Econ 2 final at 2pm tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I'll be ohk. On the other hand, I'm not too sure how I did on my Econ 1 final, but hopefully I'll be able to pull at least a C or even a D (if i'm lucky). The douche of a teacher left us half way through the course, leaving us with no class for two weeks, a sub for two weeks, and a final sub for the last week of the semester. They better be damn well lenient on our grades. I'm sure no one in the class knows nothing about the subject. So lame.

I also finished up my last day of Peer Advisory or working at school. It was pretty sad to go, but I know I may actually miss it. I'm glad I got to work for the school, it really did give me experience in giving tours for other schools of the campus, helping students register for classes, and other shizz. Hopefully I'll be able to do the same at UCSB. I definitely won't miss some people, like my boss who always seemed to be a sneaky, nosy, and more than often times bitchy boss a lot of the time. Thank jeebus that's done and over with.

Ahhh! New York City is in FOUR DAYS!!! I really need get my shizz together. haha Hopefully I'll be able to borrow Krystle's luggage, since my $300 McQ luggage ended up being way too small to carry all my fabulous clothing.

Anyways, I need to start studying. haha

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  1. haha! I saw Mark at Pure in Vegas when I was there. He is really hot.

    I'm so jelly of NYC! take a million pics!