Monday, May 25, 2009

Off I the fashion capital of the nation!

Now that my educational career at Chabot College has finally ended (YAY!!), it is now officially summer! I just started packing yesterday for my New York trip, which we leave for tomorrow at 5am! =/ Hopefully I'll have enough room in my luggage for the clothing I'm sure to buy and hopefully I'm not packing too much. Ahhh! I will continue to blog about my trip to NYC as I'm there, so stay tuned!
Last night, Krystle had a little parlayy at her casa since her parentals were gone. It was fun, just very chill. Glad to see Toya, Sophia, Taisha & Gabe come out.

Saturday night was uber fun! We all went to club Infusion in the city in Union Square for Christina's lovely birthday! Ha, Anh, and I left for the city around 7ish and got ready at her apartment. Pre-gamed a bit and we were off to the club around 9:30ish. I guess if we were on guestlist, we would get in for free, but we ended up running late so Anh and Ha paid $10. I had to stay in line, because I guess my name wasn't on the list and at this point I had to pee so bad from pre-gaming. I decided I would pay the $20 to get in and thankfully I saw Christina at the door and I basically went in for free. The club was really chic and we had a lot of drinks (free!) so we were definitely feeling ourselves. As we leave the club, I guess some hobo attacks Anh and follows her to the car. I totally don't notice, I guess I was too drunk. But I do remember running to get in the car and luckily Ha and I get into the car, when the hobo decides to block the passenger door so Anh couldn't get in! I remember screaming. Poor Anh, but thankfully she got in and we drove off in the quickness! scary. Before we get to Ha's apartment we make a stop at McDonald's to pick up some drunk food. Then we head back to the apartment, eat our food, and decide to go back to McDonald's! haha We ended up buying more food then we actually ate! I woke up the morning after with the smell of McDonald's. I seriously wanted to throw up then and there. But yes, that was my Saturday. Faboosh!

I totally forgot to blog about this, but last Saturday I went to Club Wet for Vince's 21st Birthday. That was uber fun. I enjoyed the bottle service and VIP treatment. Then again, who wouldn't?! The hype of this club was huge, so I was excited to go! Got there and the club was pretty nice, but I guess I expected more fishes! haha Anyways, everyone had a great time. Vince was drunk off his ass...and didn't throw up! yay! Ugh the life of being 21! Faboosh!

Alright, I need to finish packing. ttyl. <33

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