Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Simply Delicious, Chanel No. 5

With Audrey Tautou playing Gabrielle Coco Chanel in this year's COCO: Before Chanel, I happened to run across Tautou's commercial for Chanel's perfume,Chanel No. 5. With Nicole Kidman playing the leading lady in last year's commercial, it seems like Tautou's commercial is just as breathtaking. I absolutely love how Uncle Karl picks the faces of his campaigns. It seems like he picks women with an awkward yet beautiful sexuality. He's actually chosen Lily Allen to be the new face for Chanel's handbag collection, so we'll see how that goes. I'm sure I'll be posting that here as I am an avid fan of her drunkass. Here's the two Chanel No. 5 commercials with Nicole Kidman's stunning masterpiece, and Audrey Tautou's equally stunning masterpiece. Enjoy.

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