Monday, May 11, 2009


So Krystle, Anna, and Vince came over to do some Bio stuff that we were all behind on, and we ended up mixing some drinks and taking some shots. Unfortunately, that lead to some drunkness. I'm actually blogging right now pretty drunk, and I'm about to fall asleep.

School is about to end in two weeks, and I'm struggling in two of my classes. I am about to shoot myself with all the stress I have. I hate both my economics class. ugh. I wish I was in SB already. Ah, and I had my phone interview with CBS 5 and The CW's Akilah Monifa today, and I think it went well. I'm sending her two references tomorrow and I'm pretty positive I'll be able to snag this summer internship! Whoo hoo! Go ISHMAEL! =)

<33 Ish

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  1. GO ISHMAEL! drunk ass. so they ended up calling back!? yay!