Saturday, June 4, 2011

Backyard Bill: Philip Crangi & Andrew Wren

I absolutely love a Crangi piece, but I'm even more in love with the man. For a bearded silver fox, he's pretty scrumptious (above). His taste in fashion is also pretty unique in my opinion. He can definitely pull off the layered look well and I love his boots. Ugh, that smile.. =)
Backyardbill_philip_crangi2 Backyardbill_philip_crangi1
I think I'm slowly growing a thing for beards (pun intended). Like Philip Crangi, I am loving Andrew Wren (above and below). I've been wanting a polka dot button up for sometime now like this one, but Wren's is even better. And the fact that his favorite style icon includes Stefano Pilati makes him even more cute because I can kind of see it and it's funny because he calls Philip Crangi another style icon. I agree.
Backyardbill_andrewwren1 Backyardbill_andrewwren

From: Backyard Bill.

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