Friday, February 25, 2011

Women's Milan Fashion Week Favs Fall 2011 PART TWO

etroff2 etroff1

Etro // I love marveling at all the Etro at work, because it's so rare for me to see Etro pieces anywhere, plus I don't see a lot of women flaunting Etro. ESPECIALLY in Santa Barbara. The pattern loving fashion house, went with a subtle yet very Etro approach in this fall collection. I adored practically all the pieces, especially the leather jacket with sherling collar, the wool coat Anna was sporting on the runway with the black sherling(?) sleeves, and those shiny metallic looking printed dresses were absolutely astonishing. Can't you see Kate Bosworth in that turquoise number?! Faboosh.

gianfranc1 gianfranc2

Gianfranco Ferre // Pointy heels, double breasted suits, pops of jeweled tone coats/dresses, and turtle necks were apparent in Gianfranco's fall collection, which continues all those trends from previous shows. Given how simple the collection was, the clothes were well made and well tailored I might add. Damn, I want me a double breasted suit now!!

versaceff1 versaceff2

Versace // Versace is such an iconic brand that to me only women who have extreme confidence can really pull off any piece from the design house (like January Jones, who proved to be a fav for Donatella). Versace is always so sexy, so I was surprised to see how toned down the sex appeal was in this fall collection. I got more of a power chic than sex vibe from this collection. Nonetheless, I loved the military-esque coats in fur, the gorgeous finale dresses at the end, and those shoes literally gave me a heart attack! It's practically sex in a shoe!! I died.

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