Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kanye West for V Man

Looks like Kanye is finally putting his money where his mouth is, literally. West, who dons Louis Vuitton (of course) in this cover, spread, and interview for V Man speaks about his new record and his perception of fashion and music. According to Karl, who shot the feature and cover, "His strength is mixing music and fashion. He has an instant instinct for what looks and sounds good. He makes everything new and different." I definitely see his point, I like Kanye's style and how he enjoys fusing the two worlds together like, Lady Gaga. Remember his collaboration with Louis Vuitton? Those shoes, were bananas.

Kanyew-West-on-VMAN-Design-Scene-NET-03 Kanyew-West-on-VMAN-Design-Scene-NET-04

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