Friday, September 9, 2011

Indispensable Style

articleImage According to this article Mr. Porter put together and after reviewing this list, I still have a long way to go as a working man trying to obtain the perfect and most practical wardrobe. As a man working in the fashion industry, sometimes I forget to shop for the necessities or what's trendy for men, because I'm so focused with women's fashion. But as the Brand Ambassador for the Mens Collection at SAKS, I'm really trying to focus and extend my wardrobe to include the must haves and also some fun/trendy pieces.

I definitely don't have ANY navy suits and it's definitely the next suit I'm planning on investing, even though I'm loving all the grey window pane and tweed suits I'm seeing this season in editorials and catalogues. All the mens magazines and fashion books geared for men explain how crucial a navy suit is for a man, and I need to get my shizz together and invest in one; perhaps Theory or Huge Boss. I am also in desperate need of a black turtle neck and some black penny loafers, which would go great with my tweed MMJ suit for the f/w. I agree with having 6 blue and white button up shirts whether they're twill, button cuff, french cuff, oxford, linen, or patterned. I don't quite have 10 ties, but I'm almost there. I think this list is also missing tie bars and pocket squares. But I guess you could say those are a must for the sartorial man.

God, I hope my wardrobe will be as eclectic as Oliva Palermos, but a males version of course. Perhaps like Francesco, Milan or Angelo.

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