Monday, September 12, 2011

Barney's New York: Carine's World

carinebarneyswind1 Now that Carine is officially a stylist and freelance contributor for Barney's New York, it's no surprise that the infamously chic retailer is taking full advantage of the opportunity to pick the ex-editrix of French Vogue's mind. As a part of Barney's The Window, the fashion retailer created a campaign entitled Carine's World, which campaigns "individuals cast by Ms. Roitfeld from various aspects of her life, including those with whom she has worked throughout the years, others she has admired for their style, and some of her closest friends and family." Barney's was also able to tap it's photographer, Mario Sorrenti into filming a quick documentary following the daily and might I add, fabulous, life of the incredible, Carine.

Carine on Naomi:
“I met Naomi 25 years ago at the beginning of her career and worked with her often. She is of course a legendary model and an icon, but one thing that people don’t know about her is that she has a very big heart.”
Carine on Vanessa:
“I once saw Vanessa at a dinner in Paris with her mother, Danielle Steele. She was in Balenciaga and I thought, “Who is that girl?” She had such an expressive and fascinating face. Later, she became my intern at Vogue.”
Carine on Joan:
“Joan has a tremendous natural beauty and carries with her the feeling of her native Puerto Rico. I always knew she would be a very big star.”
Carine on Fei Fei:
“I find Chinese women exquisite. I had never worked with Fei Fei before, and I found her absolutely ravishing. She has the grace of a child; she is bewitching, like a fairy tale.”

For the entire story, click here.
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Carine's World Part 1 from Barneys The Window on Vimeo.

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