Sunday, August 2, 2009

Noelan's First Birthday!

Today is little Noelanito's first birthday! Party started around noon and I wanted to get there on time so that I could stay a little over a full hour since I had to leave for work at 2pm. Camilla and Ryan chose an appropriate theme, Disney. The cake was absolutely gorgeous as well as the centerpieces. Thomishia made the bombest of bomb cupcakes!! I died. I'm sad I didnt get to stay and swim, eat tons of tasty foods and such, but I am glad to have made my appearance at his first birthday! He's growing up! AHH, why am I getting so old?!!

Other than that, I worked from 2 to 6pm. Pretty slow day. Shizz has been going down at work. Lets just say some of our co workers may be getting fired (it's about time too if you ask me). I'm glad I'll be done working there at the end of this month. I've been working at Solstice for the past two years, and I think it'll be a great change of pace when I go to school full time and not have to work at all! yay! But then again, where am I going to get my shopping funds? =/

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  1. lol it is about time.. but im sad cus what am i gonna do when you leave!! too much estrogen at work!!! i need testosterone lol!! hopefully ill be out of there soon and i hope i get that dolby internship!