Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Horoscope 08.05.09


Dear Aries, today is a good day for business, because of how straight-forward the energy is. A deal made today will probably stick, so keep your eyes open for the one with the most potential capital gain. A solid business deal today can carry itself far into the future.

[/NOTE:] Though I am interning at a televised media conglomerate, I was able to get a change at a possible business/fashion opportunity. My supervisor, Akilah, learned that I would love to pursue PR in the fashion industry. During an interns luncheon on Monday she gave me a contact and future opportunity to further my interests. His name is Dino Ray Ramos and he is deeply involved in the fashion industry. He writes fashion columns and blogs for several publications both online and print such as The Oakland Tribune, SF Examiner, StyleHive, and many more. I emailed him earlier this morning asking if he would love to be a guest on our CBS 5 Bay Sunday show and gladly accepted! Score! I will definitely be sitting in on this taping, even though I plan on being in SB that weekend before school starts. Hopefully I will be able to build upon this relationship and score a career in impeccable fashion world with the help of his knowledge and mentor-ship! And I've learned that he's going to fashion week in NYC for the Fall early September, the week before we tape our segment for the show. I can't wait to see what he has to say about the shows. Super jealous, but hopefully it'll be my time soon. HOPEFULLY.

On Love:

Your awareness of independence seemingly scares your lover, even though you have never actually voiced it. Perhaps during quiet times today, if you emphasize your lover's importance to you, this may help with the awkward vibe. Give it a try.

[/NOTE:] I know I'm moving in a little more than a month, and that at this part of my life I'm more career driven then love driven. I think at this point I would sacrifice love for my career. But am I delusional? According to my horoscope, it seems like I should put my independent feelings and allow for some vulnerability. I have told him I feel like I don't need a relationship, but is it what I really want? When I'm with him, he's pretty important? We'll see..

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