Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick Update.

This past weekend Vince, Anna, Tim and I made a pretty random trip up to Tahoe. We left Friday night, and got there around 1 or 2am. From there we decided to live it up and drink a bit. We ended up going to sleep around 4am. We wake up around 11am and grabbed some lunch. We ate our lunch on the lake and figured out whether we wanted to go jet skiing or kayaking. We end up going kayaking, which was super fun. Jet skiing would have been fun, but we'll try that out next time. There was like 3572893 people waiting to go on the jet skis', and we really weren't patient. After that we head back to the the cabin to make some dinner. After dinner I make myself a few drinks to keep me up and I end up having about seven! I'm such a boss. Everyone else is pretty drained. We end the night by going over to the strip and play a few games at the arcade. Head home around 12am and call it a night. We leave the next morning around 6am in order for Vince to get to work since he had to open. I came in around 2pm and worked as well. It was a pretty fun, chill, relaxing, and tiring weekend. It was def a good way to OFFICIALLY end the summer.

On another note, my days at work and at my internship are slowly coming to an end. For both places, I end my employment in two weeks! This summer has gone super fast, and I think CBS played a part in that. That and work too. I never really had a summer I guess, but the festivities, adventures, and birthday's sure made it seem like it! This summer has been extremely nice to me with trips to New York, Disneyland, Tahoe x2, Santa Barbara and all the parties! RIP Summer 2009. I better be doing something twice as great next summer! France, Italy, or Greece with Sophia, anyone?

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