Monday, August 31, 2009

Buh Bye Solstice, Hello Full Time UCSB Student

Yesterday I ended my two year employment with retailer Solstice Sunglass Boutique. I can't believe I have stayed with the company for that long! It's not too much of a surprise since I ended my other job, Sears after a two years employment as well. Plus, I enjoyed my time at Solstice. My coworkers were great, my hours were great, the discount was amazing, and the FREE THINGS were great.

Out of my stay at Solstice, I was able to get promoted from lead stylist to key holder, which was great because I now have manager experience! I was also able to go on tv and do a celebrity fashion segment with NBC's KCRA news in Sacramento. I did a lot during my stay there and I'm glad with what I was able to accomplish. I will truly miss my coworkers. Out of the two years, we have never hired anyone else because we were such a close group. Sometimes it was bad since we were too close, we got used to each others ways. Some people would just constantly lie, wait it was all of the girls who would. Vince and I were pretty much the only normal ones. But to say the least, I loved everyone. It was nice to see Marie visit me during my last day at work. Katy was about to cry her eyes out. I will truly miss them, but I am now ready for the next chapter in my life. Not to mention a new job! I told myself if I ever wanted to do retail, I'd do it big or go home. So Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferregamo, Gucci, Marc jacobs, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Saks, Bloomy's, here I come!

[EDIT] August 31st, 2009
To the faboosh team that is, Solstice Stoneridge:

It has been a long journey with you all and unfortunately, my time has come! I know, I know, you don’t want to see me leave. You think it was my decision to leave? You think I want to go off to the land of hotties and finally graduate from college so I can make bank? Yea, right. Anyways, as Shannon has done before I thought I should leave you all with a note of “goodbye.” (Although it isn’t a goodbye, it is more or less a “see you later!”)
Amber – Thanks for the numerous and countless opportunities you have given me such as promoting me to key when I started off a your most fabulous “stylist,” and giving me the opportunity to be on NBC’s KCRA News on celebrity style segment. Who doesn’t love camera time? I thank you for constant bickering on being organized and clean; it has only given me stronger organization and cleaning skills. Just thank you for everything and seeing the potential you saw in me when I blew you away at my interview by naming designers you didn’t even know. Haha I’m glad to be your first employee you didn’t fire after your long period of terminations. I will miss your insane stories about your family, Matt, RUPERRRRRT! and the dysfunctions of your body. TWILIGHT FOR LIFE!!!!! TEAM EMMETT!!
Marie – It has been a crazy journey with you! Loved the conversations we had about life, the future, sex (opps, can I say that on here?), shopping, Adam Levine, and more BOYS! It will truly be one of the things I miss. =( If you ever stumble upon a styling, modeling, or shopping quarrel, you know I’m only a phone call or email away, so Iphone pic that shizz and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Also, thanks for inviting me to your lovely wedding! It was an honor to witness such a momentous part of your life. I wish you, Greg, Frenchie, and the Louboutinies the best! Kisses.
Katy – GURRRRRRRL. Opps, I mean HAYYYYYYYYYY! I will miss your rebellious ass (please don’t show this to Adam or Ross, I think I’m saying a lot of inappropriate things)! I will miss the conversations I had with you about life, school, tattoos, your countless amounts of banging earrings, boys, crazy parties, and more! It is always fun working with you, and I hope you give the new employee hell, because it’s not me. I will also miss you trying on sunglasses you will never buy, checking out boys to see if they’re on or off, our massages, and you eating off my food! I’m just going to miss you muchos. Can’t wait till you come down in SB. It’s doing down. HAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! *does the lean back motions
Vince – My brotha from anotha motha. I’m glad I got the chance to meet you here at Solstice. Thanks for giving me the testosterone I needed in this estrogen filled environment. Look how far we got, I included you in my circle of friends and we find out we have certain friends in common! Thanks for all the times you drove my drunkass home, for the invitations to your casa, for meeting your wonderful family, and for joining me and OUR friends on stupid and crazy adventures. I will miss you like my ride or dies. But it won’t be too bad since I’m sure I will be seeing you just as much as I will see Anna or Krystle. I hope you get that Dolby internship, keep me posted! Please don’t drop any more classes, I need to see your ass out of Chabot (tell Krystle and Anna the same thing too, you guys are killing me!). Alright, I’ll see you when you come down to SB!
Thanks again guys for all the fabulous memories, if you ever have a problem or questions feel free to call me or shoot me an email. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. UCSB here I come!

<3 Ish.

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