Monday, August 17, 2009

I can finally breathe.

This weekend has been bananas! Starting off with the very beginning of the weekend, I was somewhat excited for the festivities to come. Here's how my train wreck of a weekend came out to be.

Friday, 08.14.09 - Parents go off to Vegas at 6am to attend my Uncle's wedding the next day. Uber jealous that I wasn't able to attend, because I had called the previous 2 weekends off already, I figure I would HAVE to go to work this weekend. It was a last minute wedding as well so there wasn't much I could do. I come to work after a long hiatus and actually missed it. I surprisingly had a great time working with my manager despite the things she may do. Later that night, Jamie, Richelle, Anna, Tim and I go to Fuz. I've been feeling pretty hesitant with the relationship Tim and I have, but I'll get to that later. The night was loads of fun, but I ended up feeling sick towards the end of the night, because I mixed my alcohol like an idiot. The girls and I were basically kaput at about midnight, which is so sad! We left around 130am, and Tim brought up the idea to go out and swim. We were all up for it until Jamie received her "period" and Richelle's mother kept "calling her" so we all went out separate ways and called it a night.

Saturday, 08.15.09 - Wake up at about 11am and decide to get my hair did to prep myself for a Levi's Jeans photoshoot Camilla wanted Toya, Anna, and I to do with her. I also went to Target to pick up a few items for my new apartment. I then get ready for work and go. Work was amazing, made some really great sales. At the end of the night, Anna and I get ready at her house for an event my sister and a few friends were throwing. Vince meets us up and we learn there is some major dramz with the place, because they aren't able to get one of their host/friend in. Tim meets us up, because I invited him there and he loves my sister. So we all go to Oaks Sports bar in Oakland, and find that the place isn't too fun. There's about 20 people in the place and it's already 1130pm. I then find out my sister is still trying to get her friend into the club but isn't able to. She ends up not spending a majority of the night at the event and rather helping out her friend. She gets upset because out of her group of friends she was feeling like the only one putting an effort in getting one of their girls into the place. Not trying to get into all the deets, but it was overall messy and disastrous. Tim gives us the idea that we should just leave and swim. So we say yes, and decide to go to Vinces.

While we're all heading to Vince's, I can't help but think about my sister. I hate it when I see her cry! It always gets to me for some reason. We have like this super weird relationship, but it always gets to me when she's upset. I guess it's that older brother thing. I just get over protective. So we end up at Vince's. Anna is hungry and Tim volunteers to go with her. Tim ends up using that time to go off and sort of some dramz he has back home with his ex-bf and tells Anna that it wouldn't be a big deal to let me know he left. It ends up being a big deal to me, because I totally wasn't expecting him to just leave me like that. Out of the years I've known him I have never thought he would do something like that, but he did and I think that's what made me so emotional. That and the fact that I was starting to fall for him, because of the way he would behave around me. It's just one of those things were you get kind of confused with what the other person wants, because of the way they talk, touch, or stare at you. He ends up finding out that I take it personally and immediately becomes apologetic. That night I end up not taking any of his shit and just ignore all his txts and calls. At the time I feel like I needed space to really think about it and put things into perspective. I mean, he was juggling my feelings!

I hate it when guys juggle my feelings and not really tell me whats up. But anyways, I just got off the phone with him after an hour and a half conversation. We sorted things out, got both sides of the story, and just really let out our feelings for each other. Relationship or not, I know that I would be ok with his decision. Even though we both see potential in each other as partners, we decided that it would be best in both our interests that we let our relationship remain a friendship. Though I've known the looney for almost 6 years, I feel like it is probably the best decision we could have made as friends. Though I won't lie that I did like him more as a friend, I believe that personally at this stage in my life (and in his), it would just make things complicated. I always here that sometimes the best relationships come off from friendships. I see a lot of qualities in Tim that I hope to see in my future bf's. It's just not in the book for us right now. AHHH so that's the Timmy situation.

Sunday, 08.16.09 - I go to pick up my parents from SFO. I hear that the wedding was lovely and that my parents went to go see the Blue Men Group, and become jealous! I've always been huge fan of their performances! Youtube'em, they're AMAZING. I then end up cooking my sister and mother some breakfast foods for lunch. Breakfast food is such a comfort food for me, that after a horrendous night, it was definitely something I needed. Later that day, I head out to my Levi's Jeans photoshoot. I meet up with Anna and Camilla. Camilla does Anna's makeup, and we meet up with my cousin and his friends, and TOYA! We were shot at local studio in Fremont by Ian Maxion. Ian is one of Camilla's old high school friends. The shoot was uber fun! I wore a vintage Levi's jean jacket, a UO Super V in white, Skinny Black 511 Levi's, Black high top Converse, my Rolexito, eagle ring, and chain necklace. They love my Rayban Wayfarers and thought I should incorporate them into my photos. I was loads of fun! Camilla, Toya, Anna, and I got to have our own little shoot. Ian will be sending us the photos soon, so I ill keep you posted on those!

Later that night, I meet up with Krystle. Anna, Krystle and I decide to go over to Target to get a few things. Since we're starving we end up going to In-N-Out as our last meal together for the summer! They start school tomorrow, and I can't get over the fact that for the first time in 8 years, I will not be joining them! =( I start to cry when Anna told me. It's such a reality check tomorrow when they'll be in school and I'll be home (since I don't start till the end of September). But it was one great summer with my best and clothes friends (yes, that includes you Vince). AHHHH!!! Summer's Over. =( LIFE.


  1. Omg for real though, I was really thinking about not having u at school and when u said u were tearing up i hella started to too :( annnd now here I am in the fuckin library and ur not here to call so I can be like where r u I'm bored?! Haha ughh this is gonna be sooo different but I'm proud of u and ur accomplishments with school and I know you'll love SB and do well there! Love you :)

  2. shoot its here already. school life reality. well i hope all goes well in sb! i can honestly say that im GLAD i took the opportunity to work for solstice because if i didnt i would have not met any of you guys. its was a pleasure working with you ish! and im serious we are practically brothers! hahaha ok ok maybe cousins? haha no? ok good friends! me anna krystle toya jamal and sophia will def have a shot for you everytime we get together!

    ps. sat was a disaster lol and i hope everything worked out.