Monday, August 10, 2009


Lets do a quick rewind.

Thursday, 08.06.09 - It's one of my favorite fellow intern's last day, Sanyee! =( PhotobucketMy favorite and only Harvard friend finally had her last day on Thursday. I immediately fell in love with her bright and bubbly personality. She is such an amazing person and she truly is someone who can lighten up your day if your not feeling too shabby. I will miss all our lovely talks, lunches, brown bag lunches, PA-ing on all our CBS shows, and so much more. I have learned a bunch from her. Can't wait to visit her in Boston! Hopefully I'll be able to come up in the fall or spring. I'd love to see what an Ivy League school looks like!

Thursday, 08.06.09 (later that same night) to Saturday, 08.08.09
- I come home late from working at CBS (since it was Sanyee's last day, I decided to stay till 5pm and meet her lovely mum) and start to pack. I'm leaving for UCSB's transfer orientation. I was super excited! We left about 11pm and got there at about 3am. Pick up the keys to my future apartment from Anh's friend Tom, who is super cute. Then we settle in and fall asleep. The next morning I wake up and meet my parents at Campbell Hall on the UCSB campus. They go out on a tour as I check in. Orientation was from 8am to 5pm. It was a full day of getting to know the school, how to pick classes, how to register for full major, what the requirements are for graduation, and much more. I got to take my UCSB ID and buy a UCSB sweatshirt. It hasn't all sunk in yet that I'm moving, but at the end of the day it all started to turn into reality. After orientation, I meet up with Anna and Krystle. I take em out to my favorite pizza parlor, Woodstocks! We have a fabulous meal and decide to go back to the apartment and drink there. We get a little crazy and fall asleep around 12am, because we're all exhausted. Later that morning we wake up and decide to go get some lunch at Freebirds. We then go buy some booze, drink, dance a whole lot, and decide to swim at the apartment. I HAVE A FREAKING SWIMMING POOL IN MY APARTMENT COMPLEX! SO COOL. It's actually right in front of my apartment as well. =) Anna basically has too much to drink and end up passing out by the toilet. *memories. We basically have a fabulous time talking about all the things life has to offer from friends, family, love, and sex! There was lot of details, but lets just say college life in SB is too much fun. I can't wait for them to come visit me, when they help me move and settle in. When they leave me from there, it will truly hit me. =( I LOVE MY BFF's. Here's a picture of my future room, I can't wait to spruce it all up with my inner interior designer! It's going to look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! So remember what it looks like currently, It's definitely going to be the before picture. Don't cha love our flat screen? haha


Sunday, 08.09.09 - The girls and I leave around noon. It was sad to find out that our last road trip of the summer was coming to an end. We leave and eat at a local breakfast place called, Cajun Kitchen. I've been there last Halloween, and it was amazing, so I had to take them there. They loved the food and we left super full. From there we headed to 101. Got home around 7pm I believe. Later that night, we decided to go swimming since the night was still surprisingly hot. Once again we get into our deep bff conversations about friends, family, the future, and sex. haha. Never gets old. We then head back to my place, as my dad cooked pasta. We were weirdly hungry, so we ate that and a whole bunch of other things. Then we called it a night and finally ended our time together.

Monday, 08.10.09 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER! My siblings and I wake up around 10am, and decide to take my mother our on her birthday. What way to celebrate then go out to Emeryville and San Francisco during this fabulous weather. We first go to Ikea. I needed to pick up a few things when I move out. Left with about 200 dollars of damage, and that isn't even my furniture yet! We decide to eat lunch there and I treat myself to a Greek salad, my favs! I end up coming out with my bed sheets as well as a duvet (which is something I wanted for so long!), a desk chair, laundry bags, a side table, tea light candle holders, and some other things I can't remember. After that we head to the city to treat us to some shopping. My sister and I pick up a few items at AA on Front street. We continue to walk around the city and end up having dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Then we called it a night and are now at home. I am truly going to miss my mother when I move out. =( I'm such a mama's boy, and I know my mom relies a lot on me. I see her already freaking out with my two rambunctious siblings at home when I'm away. <3 Her.

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  1. We really did have some good talks last weekend huh? So in depth and shit! But anyways we're gonna miss you when your ass is in SB!!! and so is your mom! I could tell when we were at your house she doesn't want you to leave :(