Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Photobucket Long ago, when you were struggling to make a name for yourself, you used to do stupid things. Maybe you did it for money? I mean I guess we all are trying to make some skrilla, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Was that the case of Channing Tatum? Or should I say "Chan Crawford?" HAHA He has definetly upgraded in terms of body and career. Can't believe he used to be that scrawny. Oh well. Enjoy this video of him at his best during his dark life in the past.

On a side note, his last photo shoot, shown here with GQ was pretty good. Haven't read the article yet, but I'm sure his interview was fairly decent. I mean he isn't that hot in Hollywood yet nor is he an amazing actor. But I'm glad he's starting to make a name for himself. He seems like a pretty serious actor. At least he's good eye candy. MMMMM

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