Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Damage, as in retail damage.


Being an avid Marc by Marc Jacobs fan doesn't help your bank account. In fact, it makes you poorer of the poorest. haha At least that's how I felt after snagging these two MMJ shirts for $120 during a GILT sale. What a buy right?! I just had to. At first I was debating between the two and was leaning more towards the floral printed shirt. I was talking to Jamie (who is the worst to shop with since you end up buying too much), and she influenced me to get both. I really do need some summer button ups, and I though these styles were both age appropriate no matter what the occasion. Yay for shopping. I cant believe I just spent 180 on one day, when I know I'm about to be a broke, struggling college student, who will eat nothing but Ramen everyday (gross)! OH WELL. Haha

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