Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blood is Thicker Than Water.

Family is always first. Today I woke up getting ready for my internship. Did a ton of things like always (which is always great, because I am continually busy and learning new things), but I was also given a joining task with my fellow intern, Sanyee to obtain a tape we would use as B-Roll for our Bay Sunday tape. We would have to pick up the tape from Oakland around 130. We get to the station around 130pm and receive the tape. While I'm there I get a txt from my cousin Camilla saying "911 911, call me asap!" So i give her a call and find out my aunt is in the hospital from a stroke. I later find out that the left side of her brain and body isn't responding and that she is most likely paralyzed on the right side of her body. I was in such shock I didn't know whether to cry, leave my internship without telling my supervisor or anything. I basically headed back to the station and asked to leave early. My receptionist Dee Dee said not to worry and to just leave, and that she would let my supervisor know. I got to Eden hospital around 330pm. I found out it all happened around 10am, and my sister rode in the ambulance with my aunt. My grandma has no idea what happened, because all her kids (my aunts and uncles) want to refrain her from freaking out. Kind of sad. I got to see her and she was hooking up to a bunch of tubes and had a neck brace. I haven't been too close to her, but she is my dad's sister and my dad's family is huge and super close. Although she has been pretty distant from not only my siblings, cousins, but also her other siblings (like my dad) I still feel like we're close. She's especially close to Camilla since she was growing up with her. It just strikes me that it happened randomly and totally out of the blue. AHHHHH! I just got home about an hour ago. I have work tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to here POSITIVE NEWS about her recovery. =(


  1. So far all I know is that they will be running tests on her at 3pm. Although we haven't really seen her after the depression, I still feel as though we are very close. She is the spitting image of that a Dizon looks like and that is the glue that holds us all together. Depression or not, we are all one family and need to take care of each other. *tear

  2. dude! im so sorry to hear about what happened. just know that everything is gunnabe okay and were al hear for you if u need us. :)