Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

A few weeks ago, Vince invited and told us that he and his family would be going up to Tahoe for the 4th of July weekend. Anna and I weren't too sure what we were going to do this year, because last year was practically amazing (the city + friends + hotel + booze + Chanel & YSL = AMAZING). We decided to go with him to Tahoe since a majority of our friends were off doing there own thing. Plus, we liked the roadtrip/adventure idea since we wanted to make the best of our summer. We ended up leaving Thursday night after Vince got off of work around 930pm. Then we headed out around 10 and got there sometime in the am. His cabin was incredible. Anna and I got to sleep in their game room, which included two full sized beds; one for Anna and one for me. We spent the whole weekend relaxing, watching Bruno trailers & interviews, playing pool, eating, enjoying the weather, drinking, and going on outdoor adventures. We got to see the fireworks through the restaurant we ate at. We didn't feel like settling down to watch them outside by the lake as we weren't prepared and the loads of drunk people on the strip didn't help either. But other than that, our fourth was great. Yay for Vince's cabin. Vince, Anna and I want to make another trip up there with the rest of friends cause we know we'll have even more fun. Looks like we'll be back, soon hopefully.

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