Sunday, January 15, 2012

Piti Uomo Fall 2012 Fav PT 1

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Bottega Veneta // Tomas Maier is one of my favorite creative directors in the business, so there wasn't any hésitation when I saw the FW 12 collection. This season, Maier examined proportions, graphic shapes, mix&matching, and complementary colors that created a very strong presentation. I love a good outer piece and Bottega had a billion I was crying over. The hints of leather, subtle plaid and patents added great details to the classic silhouettes. From casual to formal, the presentation illustrated an array of looks that easily has a man covered for life. View the full collection here.
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Burberry Prorsum // Christopher Bailey conjures up another impeccable collection from start to end. Besides my love for the color palette, I absolutely adored the coats (just like any other Burberry Prorsum collection), all of which were Homer Simpson drool worthy. Some of my favorite pieces included the studded portfolio cases & gloves, the paper boy caps, the velvet suits, short (almost cropped) puffy coats, capes, touches of polka dot, and the umbrellas! Going through some of the collections now, I see a lot of capes, velvet, bow ties, leather gloves, thick frames, thick knits, animal details, puffy coats, double breasted suits, and tartan plaids, all of which I'm sure will be massive trends next fall. Definitely one of my favorite collections of the season. View the full collection here.
ezegff1 ezegff2 ezegff3

Ermenegildo Zegna // What I loved about the Zegna collection was the practicality of it's pieces. The collection presented a variety of looks from formal to casual. The Prince of Wales printed suits were impeccably tailored with strong lines, while outer pieces played with volume in oversize silhouettes. I loved the play on denim in the collection like that suit pictured above. How fun is that?! I'm a sucker for patch pockets. The knits throughout the presentation also looked divine and extremely warm. View the full collection here.
dolcegabff1 dolcegabff2 dolcegabff3

Dolce & Gabbana // Dominico & Stefano brought out a sexy FW 2012 collection filled with luxe fabrications and rich details. Velvet and gold embroidery played much of the collection creating an early turn of the century theme, yet stayed very modern and sexy with skinny ties and sharp lines. I'm still trying to get my hands on a pajama top, and I was beyond ecstatic when I saw it within the collection. Doesn't Clement Chabernaud look yummy in his PJ inspired ensemble?! I need those pieces! The belted cardigan and knitted shirt also look incredible. Great collection overall and surely a majestic presentation that spares no expense or second thoughts. View the full collection here.
frankmmff1 frankmmff3 frankmmff2

Frankie Morello // Though the collection was not at all cohesive in any way, I really enjoyed the pieces in Frankie Morello's FW 12 collection. Isn't that first ensemble perfect for New Years? Dolce & Gabanna who? LOL From the subtle gradient detailing, tapered suiting, stud adorned shoes, pops of neon, to the navajo accents, I thought the collection brought out great RTW and street style worthy photographs. Is it me or are those navajo accented pants similar to Isabel Marants? Either way, the pieces would be great worn together or mixed with something basic. Random, but I also really liked the models looked like vampires with bindi dots...different. View the full collection here.
vivwestmff1 vivwestmff2 vivwestmff3

Vivienne Westwood // Do you live in Antartica and need a wardrobe that fits not only the freezing temperatures but you're extremely fashionable taste? Then Vivienne Westwood has got you covered. VW created a steller presentation making it probably my second favorite collection of the season. With her signature brand of quirky and touches of classic conservatism, the collection brought out tailored suiting, elaborate outer pieces, and pops of color in it's accessories. I LOVE that two tone tartan printed suit, it's such a show stopper, no? View the full collection here.

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