Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photo Diary: Venice Beach/Los Angeles

During my mini vacay, I was able to explore some places in the Los Angeles area I've never been to like Venice Beach and Abbot Kinney. I used to watch a show called Love Bites and it was filmed in Abbot Kinney. I loved the canals so much I made a pack with myself that I would visit them in person one day and I did! It's so funny how something so European is in a little community in Venice Beach. It was my first time walking on the strip and along the beach in Venice and I was so amazed and inspired with how diverse and eclectic the area was. It reminded me of a bigger Santa Cruz, but with more bike paths, beach cruisers, palm trees, roller bladers and a variety of vendors.

During my mini vacay, I was also able to see my friend and YouTube sensation, Jennifer Chung, which is always a pleasure. She's doing big things and I am in love with her new song, Your Year. I also got to try out a place called Urth Cafe and was able to go back to the usual Joans On Third for great food and coffee. Funny enough, I also happened to run into a scene for Parks & Recreation. They were filming a scene right next to my friend Christine's place in Beverly Hills. Love that show! Overall, it was a successful trip and can't wait to cross off other places on my bucket list. New year = new adventures.
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