Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Obsession: SHOES SHOES SHOES!!

I've never really been a huge sneaker head or shoe addict...until now. I'm seeing so many amazing shoes on blogs, editorials, online, and in stores, it's literally making me want to go one a giant shoe binge. It's a bit overwhelming since I want a TON, like these Duckie Brown oxfords, Dolce & Gabanna Lace ups, or these Prada leather chukka boots!! -_-" Anywho, I love this blog post Nam did with men's shoes, it literally made my go crazy, plus it reassured me that those Prada espadrille shoes were the it shoe of the ss 11 season. I'd die to have another pair of monk-strap shoes, those infamous color blocked Jill Sanders, a good man gladdie, and a pair of vintage looking Blazers by Nike. My collection of boat shoes is a bit cray cray, so I'll lay off of those for awhile. sigh..

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