Monday, March 21, 2011

New Blogger: Brad Goreski

Brad+Goreski+2011+Art+Elysium+Heaven+Gala+JxBvAwKrUmalSeems like Rachel Zoe's ex-assistant has not only decided to go on his own, but he's decided to join the blogger world! And what a delight, with only 3 blog entries, he's become another basic read for me. His blog is a great given that he basically talks about his days at shoots and working with some of the hottest celebs like Adele and Liya Kebede. I think it's soo interesting and soo engaging, when they talk about their days and what they do, because it feels like I'm right there with them! Success stories are the best too!

I remember his days with Camp Zoe, and we all remember Tay Tay. She was the best and practically lead the whole team. I miss her so much, and I highly doubt she would sign up for another reality show, but I hope Brad does! He's just as entertaining.

Check out Brad's blog, here.

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