Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mr. Porter on Erin Wasson


It has finally happened! Net-A-Porter has gone men friendly, with their male counterpart, Mr. Porter. Also included with the launch of their men's e-commerce website is a new blog, which is just as good as Gilt's MANual. I thought this article of supermodel, Erin Wasson was fun, not to mention sexy. Titled, "How To Please Her: Ms. Erin Wasson:"

Mr. Porter: What makes the perfect date?
Wasson: Having a drink at his favourite bar; a place where he feels comfortable. If it goes well, then that can lead to an impromptu dinner. A live music show is a great option too - you can enjoy the music and there isn't a whole lot of pressure on talking. Ideally, he should wear black jeans and a black T-shirt - something really nondescript and certainly nothing too hip or too cool.

Mr. Porter: What to buy a beautiful women?
Wasson: I love things that show that a guy really knows me, maybe a piece of antique jewellery, a weekend trip to an amazing hotel, a rare record that he knows I have been looking for, or a piece of artwork by Wes Lang.

Mr.Porter: What should every man own?
Wasson: Every guy should have a leather jacket (not a trendy one; just something he has had forever), black jeans, a black T-shirt, a white button-down shirt, a black cashmere sweater and a hoodie.

From Mr. Porter's journal.

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