Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Obsession: Rick Genest

It's it weird that I find this skeleton tattooed man, Rick Genest highly attractive? Perhaps it's his overall look that turns me on, but I love how he's pretty big in the fashion industry. As a muse of Nicola Formichetti's Thierry Muglar, Genest was also in Lady Gaga's music video for Born This Way.

The Montreal based model sat down with Bizarre Mag and excerpts include:

What look are you trying to achieve with your tattoos?
They’re about the human body as a decomposing corpse – the art of a rotting cadaver. It’s also a tribute to horror movies, which I love.

What influenced your tattoos?
When I was a kid I was a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I wanted to be a ninja turtle and live in the sewers. But as I got older I fell in love with zombies and wanted to become one. Oh, and I love George A Romero’s Living Dead movies.

Anyway, the closest thing I could get to becoming a zombie was to get tattooed like one. I see my tattoos as celebrating the art of obscenity and the macabre.

How do people react to your tattoos?
There’s all sorts of weird shit here in Montreal, so I kind of blend in with the culture. Some people come up to me and say, “Wow, nice tattoos.” Sometimes you get a smart-ass kid who yells “Hey, it’s Halloween!” Just about every day I get some kind of skeleton joke. The classic is “Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? Because he didn’t have the guts.”

What effect has it had on your love life?
There are girls who dig it, but the kind of girls who dig it are usually trouble. Some people might look at you and think you’re mentally ill. They might do, but I’m not. I think I’m very on the ball.

There are a lot of people I meet who just don’t understand, but there really is nothing to understand. I’m realistic, sane and intelligent.

Is there any kind of body modification you wouldn’t have?
Cock-splitting. I’ve seen pictures of that and it’s not for me. But I’d tattoo my cock. I’m thinking of having reptile scales and cockroaches.

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