Saturday, December 11, 2010

Update: School.

After completing two fifteen page papers SINGLE space, a thirteen page honors paper, one group project/presentation/paper, four small papers, four midterms, and four finals, I AM FINALLY DONE WITH MY LAST FALL QUARTER OF MY UNDERGRAD CAREER!! You know how people sarcastically say, "would you like a cookie or trophie?" after you've mentioned some accomplishment your proud of.. well YES, I want my damn cookie, better yet I'll take cash! I am so proud of myself for juggling my internship, my part-time job, my extra curricular activities with Lambda Phi and the honors program and also taking on a sixteen unit school load. Wouldn't you think I deserve something at the end of it all? I do, so I'm contemplating on a few things, stay tune as to what I get!! Proenza, Prada, McQ?! The Christmas shopping has begun... as well as the celebratory drinking/shopping spree for myself, YAY! =)

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