Saturday, December 18, 2010

At home with Pharrell Williams.

If I ever wanted a pad in Miami, I'd want it to look like Pharrell's home. I'm a sucker for natural light and I tend to only use lamps and such when it's dark, but I love how open his home is especially with the light. I'm sure in Miami where it's almost always sunny, I would need a sunroof like his. His vast collection of vintage and modern Louis trunks are insane, but I love his art work which features Family Guy, Mickey via Coco Chanel, Takashi Murakami, and his furniture is beyond trendy and one of a kind. I wonder what his bed room looks like, then again I wonder what his closet looks like... For more of my baby's lovely abode, click here.

phahome1 phahome2 5_25_10_PharrellWilliams49521 5_25_10_PharrellWilliams49535 phahome3 5_25_10_PharrellWilliams49519

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